Halalan 2016 Ramblings

May 30, 2016

I can't even. I hate the bandwagon. I super hate it. And don't even get me started with "gusto na namin ng pagbabago." because for all I know, after some time, you're just gonna be your lazy self again putting your life in the hands of the government doing nothing but to put blame on whoever you placed on that position. Or not. 

The only thing I see happening in the Philippines these coming years is that it's gonna be a better place. Better not best. But will there be better Filipinos? Maybe (debatable). But you know, there will always be the bad guys. Smugglers, Pushers, Robbers, Snatchers, Killers, Rapists, Addicts, and all other bad names known to mankind. It's never gonna be perfect. Because there wouldn't be new batch of Filipinos. So if people doesn't change, I don't see much light at the end of the tunnel. Duterte presidency is actually very promising. I just hope it leads up to people's expectations. 

I am not entitled to complain. First of all I did not vote. That leads me to another point. People here (work) are complaining about this and that with regards to the election well in fact, they didn't even put the effort to vote. I know that for them it's just one vote but that's the edge of the winner. Her supporters put the effort and together, they made an impact. Sino ang "sayang sana bumoto ako" ngayon? Gets? It would have been your candidate's edge. 

Then there's the hate. People are saying na kesyo si Leni daw hindi sikat, inexperienced, bobo, and all other things na hindi naman na dapat itawag sa kanya. During the Vice Presidential Debate, I was actually very impressed and was convinced that she can handle the job. To be honest, I would have voted for her if I can. But then again my top choice would have been the running mate of my president. Either Cayetano since it's who Duterte wanted to be partnered with. Or probably Marcos if I decided to vote for Miriam. You know, this President-Vice President thing should come in pair. I just don't see the logic that candidates are coming as pairs then the people are voting for selected people from different parties. I think that's one reason the Philippines is not moving forward. Our leaders are adjusting pa kaya sayang ang oras. Hindi katulad if you voted for them as one, they were given enough time to talk during the election period and they certainly do hear each other's agenda and all that and I think during those gaps, they were able to settle their differences so when it's their time to take-over, gawa nalang ng gawa. 

And then I get to see the Election's results. Seriously, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FILIPINOS? What were you thinking? I was devastated when I saw Miriam's votes. I was cursing even. Tapos magtataka kung bakit ganyan ang Pilipinas? E kasi mas madami pading tanga. Nabubuwisit na naman ako. Don't even mention the senatorial thing. I could  go on and on with that. What can we do? Wala. Andyan na yan and we have to deal with who the majority have chosen. 

Meron nga bang nangyaring dayaan? Maybe. Is it the first time that this happened? Not exactly. It is time for you to move on and definitely time for me to cool down. Ciao! 

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