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HeyMikie Sinigang na Baboy Recipe

I don't usually cook because you know, living alone doesn't really require you to always cook but there are some recipes that I can cook very well so I'm just proud to share! 
the ingredients!
Spinach Turnip  Okra さといも/gabi/taro Tomato Enoki Mushroom
And yes, you can take away whatever it is that you don't like and vice versa! I don't really use siling pansigang because honestly, I can't taste the difference but if you're into that, feel free to add as well! 

When it comes to sinigang, I find that the fattier the meat, the better!!! Back home, in the Philippines, they even include the pork's skin! Anyways.

I also think that the more sour the sinigang is, the better! For 1 liter of water, I put in 1 and a half packet of sinigang mix. In ths instructions, it says to only put 1 pack for 1 liter but nah. Also, while you're at it, add 3 tablespoon of patis (fish sauce) or salt to taste! 
Always nice to cook sinigang when it's almost winter or…

SNSD is Back! (Holiday & All Night)

SNSD is back! Actually, I thought they already disbanded or something but I guess only one of them backed out. Yup! Welcome to your tape, Jessica Jung. JK! Good for her! I mean, let her do her thing!
Two music videos came out earlier this month and yeah they're both okay. Good to hear from an OG Kpop group that's for sure. 

Who did this to you, baby girl? Definitely not something I think she should rock. Or it's probably just the bangs. 

Sunny! So refreshing to see her. I actually don't remember if I like her or Hyoyeon more but one thing is for sure, I do like them both! 

I liked the Holiday music video better I think. 
Glam! Just a disclaimer though, I speak no Korean so I don't really know if the music video is relevant whatnot so don't ask. 
All Night
Yas Sunny!
I don't really like Sooyoung much but damn her looks' on point!!! She was soooo gorgeous!! Also very very skinny! 
Again, I don't know what this is all about. I would guess but believe…

Kita Kita 2017 Movie Review

Here are 10 lessons I've learned from watching Kita Kita by Alessandra Rossi and Empoy. Kabayan. I like this kind of film in general but for some reason, I didn't want to watch this but you know...Leggo!
Guys are jerks. Not always! But in one way or another. Girls will always hope for the best. That's just how we are. At least most of us are. Kahit gaano kalayo yung pupuntahan mo, kahit anong paraan, makakarating ka padin dun. Ang life ay parang music box, may mga bagay na kailangan mong paghirapan bago mo makuha. The world is ours to see. Tokyo, Hokkaido, anywhere! Life is about moving on. Moving forward. Kahit fetus steps pa yan. About beer. I have to disagree! You know, in watching a movie, you just can't always agree! You can have your own opinion as well. Beer is not your friend. I remember a friend from work saying that cigarette is his friend. Nah my dear. If it's trying to kill you, it's not your friend. Even though it's not always fair, there's…

The One that Got Away

Lately, I've been kind of sad because one of my co-workers lost her husband to colon cancer. It's just all of a sudden!!! Like, no sign from her that she's been going through a lot of pain or something. And the first time we've heard all (some) of what happened was when the husband died already. The reason I'm sad is because I know how it feels to keep the pain to yourself. When I lost my grandmother, I also didn't tell anyone at work. I'm pretty close to this person for some reason because she's the same age as my mom and she protects me I feel like so I like her. Also, we somehow think alike. 
So this is what happened. 2 days before I went to Osaka, our leader asked this co-worker to go to work on the days that I wouldn't be around because it's her off. She then said that she's not sure whether she would be able to come because she will be going to the hospital. So, when she said that, it didn't seem suspicious because she takes her …

Osaka V2.0

Fail Aori Ramen

Boss told me this would be a delicious place to eat ramen but it was just okay. Ichiran level actually. 
the crew It's awesome how you can have a boss around your age. I mean, I don't necessarily hate working with older people but you know, the vibe's definitely different when you're with people who see things somehow closer to how you do. Best of both worlds?

When we arrived, we only had around an hour to spend before work so you know, we did the touristy stuff like walking around Dotonbori and taking pictures and stuff.

At night though, the big boss arrived and he treated us to Yakiniku!!! It was delish!

No joke! Delicious yakiniku!
Homegirl is dragging me with her to Australia. I'm not completely against it by the way. Who knows, right? Brave! 

Big boss spent 20,000 plus yen for this specific Big Bang machine but sadly didn't get the prize so whatever. He was asking me to try but you know! Waste of money, if you ask …
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