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Citrus-Cucu-Mint Detox Water

I have been trying to concoct my own detox water for so long because I always feel so bloated even if I haven't really eaten much. I think I may have succeeded. First of all, before all this,  I actually couldn't find mint so LOL I was like, should I just skip the mint? Then one day I so decided to skip mint and then bought all my ingredients and stuff and then saw some mint-looking-leaves and since it's kind of cheap, I bought it. Then when I got home, smelled it, meh. Fail. But when I chewed it, minty indeed! 

Usually it's just Lemon-Cucumber-Mint but I happen to have an orange sitting here somewhere which unfortunately is not for human consumption because of its bitter taste so I'm just like, might as well just include this because you know, this too probably has super powers I didn't know about anyways.

These are the ingredients I used. Super refreshing! I plan on making a few other recipes as well so watch out for that? LOL. Then you just have to slice th…

Mum Thinks I Need These 2!

Can I just say that this brownie is probably the most thoughtful gift of them all. My sister mailed me about it saying I should eat it before it expires and then "sarap pa naman sayang" haha I bet mum snatched the brownies from their meal box. Sorry sissies! I got three of them and usually I'm not a fan but it really brought memories. Ate all three in less than an hour. 

Mom outdone herself this time and actually sent me two luggages. Whoah! Like, wow. Thanks, ma! These are mostly cute dresses that I super all like. Mum always does that. She would buy stuff she knows I like but wouldn't probably buy by myself. Kuripot to death! 
These are my top 5 picks out of all the stuff she sent me. And in no particular order. 

Usually with shoes, I like it really plain as in black, white, whatever but this one is really cool to the eyes that I can't even. I bet this would look good with leggings and plain tee. 

This at first I didn't like. But when I looked at it closely, it…

Yaezakura Spotted!

Just when you thought everything's gone, nope. I actually saw this on my way to Hashimoto to look for stuff. I was like, is this for real right now? Because it's been quite a while since I saw the rest of its sisters on full bloom but it was awesome. 

It was awesome! Now, it's not like they have hundreds of them lined up or whatever. Actually, just two trees standing tall. Whatevs. 

They too would be retiring soon so I'm just happy to see them before they go.

I actually thought they aren't Sakura. Thought it might be plum, peach, or whatever. Being the clever that I am, I Googled it and it's a match. Yaezakura it is.

Taking Over Shibuya. 4.20.15

I don't know if I've mentioned another place for this matter but I think Shibuya might actually be my favorite place to be as of the moment. I don't know. It's just that recently, I've been wanting to see it even though I don't really have a business to do there.

Hachiko. Seeing him (is it a he?) actually makes me miss my Shiki. I actually hope to go to this place with Shiki. Who knows? Maybe he'll be blessed with loyalty. 

Children playing? I actually don't get it but yeah maybe it's just children playing. 

Love the balance that Tokyo has. There might be tall buildings everywhere but there will always be plants and flowers. It's definitely a city of balance. Happy Earth Day today!! :) 

The only thing that I hated that day is the rain. Don't get me wrong though! I totally knew about the rain but I was like, meh. I don't know what's wrong with Mondays but it's always raining and if I would just stay home or something, I wouldn…

New Phone! :) iPhone 6+

I just got myself a new phone!! I wasn't supposed to switch phone yet but I was like, if I will get it in the near future, why not now? I actually thought of getting it in July but yeah things happen. 
As for the color, I got the gold. Like, I know I complained that the gold is probably the most common iPhone color nowadays but it's actually kind of pretty so I got that. You can't really see it but whatevs. Also, I recommend the gold for iPhone 6 plus because the front is white anyways. 
It's so ridiculous how there are only very limited cases available for this particular iPhone and there were really very pretty cases for the iPhone 6 but for the 6+, NOPE. Why though? I seriously looked at ALL my options at least 5 times each before buying this particular case. It was kind of expensive but no regrets. See yah! 

Drugstore potions Haul

Stuff from the drugstore! :) 

Looking at these reminds me of the Pottermore task where you have to arrange potions to be able to go thru. Anyways these are essentials that I bought from the drugstore. 

Deep cleansing oil because my skin is kind of at its worst right now and I don't really know why it's turning its back to me so I thought I'd give it some love and actually, I thought my skin would be better now that I'm in a less polluted country but nah,  same old. Same old. Maybe it's the BB/CC cream residue I don't know so I thought I'd give this a try. What if I just use foundation on a regular basis instead of this BB/CC thing? Mmmm...but nah that would be a disaster. Too bad my skin is oily so putting another layer of oil is the risk that I'm taking. Then the small green bottle is an eye drop for I think my eyes need some loving as well. Perfect vision, please come back! Can I just say that it stings!! Like, I hope it makes all the difference when …

All the Pocky that there is.

I thought of making a Pocky post of every flavor that there is. But then again, I feel like it's gonna take forever for me to complete it so I decided to just get over it and do it! Also, I can't find the Strawberry midi anymore so I kind of postponed this post and I can't find it anymore anywhere so whatevs. Haha. I'm not actually a fan of Pocky and I don't really get the hype of it especially back home, I've only seen the classic flavor but whatevs whatever rows your boat, I guess. 
Let's talk about the midis though. I don't know why they're called midis. Medium? Mini? Mmm... But  if you're a fan of the cream, you'd really like it. Their newest flavor is actually the butter custard and for me it was more buttery than custardy so I don't know how I feel about that. Before its release, midis were actually available in Strawberry 
I won't discuss them one by one though. I would just mention my favorite. MATCHA all the way! Then ALMON…

Cerisiers en Fleurs.

These are pictures of Cherry Blossoms near from where I live. It was beautiful. Sakura in our city bloomed later than in Tokyo so I was able to enjoy both worlds.

Literally like 5 minutes away from where I live so it's really convenient to just go in pajama like how I did. 
It's a street full of Sakura but most of it are quite high up but some you can really have a good look of. 

I then found a use for my spare camera lens. It kinda works. 

Oh Sakura. I would never ever get tired of looking at you. 

Chibi Sakura tree near the station. 

Then I came back to the chibi tree because I was like, I won't be able to see this again until next year so I took more photos. 

The rain kind of shortened the span of the already short blossoms so boo yah. 
Adios, Sakura! Till we meet again next year. I'll miss yah. 
Then just yesterday, it snowed. Like, what? Periwinkle and the other Winter Fairies were surely confused. Anyways. See yah!

Taking Over Ueno. 3.30.15

So...I went to Ueno the same day I went to Nakameguro. It was kind of a frustrating trip and I felt like I didn't really made the most out of it. I was supposed to meet with a friend but since Ueno is big, we can't seem to find each other. We were actually in the same convenience store and the same flower shop but in different places but all in Ueno Station that's how confusing it is around there but uhm yeah. I can go on ranting but I know I'll just get more frustrated than I already am or was so let's just pretend it all didn't happen. 

I happened to visit when it was announced to the whole world that it's gonna be the full bloom. So many people!! Seriously couldn't even stop to take pictures without thinking that the people walking behind would be interrupted. 

Red lanterns for Ueno. 

They have loads of shrines in Ueno. I plan on visiting when there's not much crowd. I think it would be amazing. 

Okay so we can't seem to find each other, rig…

One Year in Japan!!

Not exactly on this day but I have been here in Japan for a year now. Imagine, living alone for a year when I haven't been away that much from my family prior to this. I mean, it was a lot to take in. 

To celebrate the event, I bought myself a bento (like I don't do when there's no celeb) haha 

I'm actually in a self diet program and I shouldn't be eating rice. Let alone an "all meat" bento but I was like, eff it. But you know, I just bought this salad with the bento to kind of make up for it. 

Cake! Diet, why you have to be so hard? Haha I'm not really a fan of chiffon cakes as they tend to be kind of dry but I bought Ichigo Chiffon because it looks pretty. To my surprise, it was actually yummy. 

Sakura Cake. See, what diet? This is an interesting cake. Red beans, rice cake, and strawberry shortcake mixed together in one flavor. I still love my classic S.Shortcake though. But yay to me! One year and counting.
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