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McDonald's Spring Set

Camembert Spring Set. This is actually just one item from the bunch and I think is the most appealing and so I tried. The burger was good! Not to die for good but good anyways. The cheese tastes very subtle that my friend didn't even notice. WTF! Yun pa naman ang pangalan. It's basically Teriyaki Burger w/egg and camembert cheese. FYI, it's just yesterday that I knew what camembert is. LOL.
I like ume flavoured stuff. I've tried lotsa ume Flavoured potato chips and so far I liked them all. Even before I tried, I watched Kinoshita Yuka from YouTube try this and she actually said that this kind of taste like those chips and I was like, Yas. It did taste like that but you know, nothing beats ketchup, I guess. But once in a while it's good to taste new things.

This I don't really know but it's pretty! I won't bother check this one but I guess it's cherry because you know, Spring. It was actually really good! It kind of taste like the Pink Red Bull that I&…

鳥忠さがみの亭 Chicken!

Lunch time. I was actually craving for this because you know, I remember liking their chicken before and so you know, must come back. 

Went with my food buddy/gala buddy and devoured! No mercy.

It was so Chinese! Like, I never really got into a Chinese restaurant that looks quite Chinese. Most of the places are subtle. This one is all out! Like there are some feng sui-ish stuff there and lotsa mirrors! 

Basically ordered Chicken because that's what they are known for anyways. For take out at least. Or so I think. I don't really know. I guess they have sushi as specialty actually.  
Chicken Combo
Karaage and chicken skin. The skin was good! The chicken was so-so but you know, kinda good. I'll just give them that.
Tebasaki Karaage 
This one is the winner. Like, you have to consume the chicken right away though. Also, they don't have lunch set menus which is a thing here in Japan so instead they give you a 20% hook-up until 2pm. Great deal! Ciao!

Lost in Tochigi. Literally.

Just when I thought it couldn't be more rural than Gunma, I was wrong. Hello, Tochigi. 

Here's the story. On my way to Gunma, from Yokohama, I always ride the Tokaido line/Takasaki line with no problem whatsoever, right? And I used to always check the train's destination. This time I didn't. I don't know why. Crazy. I just rode whatever train that stopped there not realizing that at some point, there will be 2 tracks and you know one train would lead to another place and whatever. I was careless. Anyways, it did stop at the places I am so familiar with and because my train was supposed to stop there anyway, I wasn't worried or anything. I usually sleep my way to Gunma. Yokohama crowd is hopeless though so I wait until Ueno or like Tokyo to get seated etc. When that happened, sleep followed up quickly. The good thing about me is that I can sense if I am near so I would like wake up, check remaining sleep time and all that. So yeah I think it was about an hour pas…

Cosmo World 2.0

The ulitimate goal is to actually ride all the rides in here and I'm proud to say that we're about 85 percent done. Or so I think hahaha. Fraud stats. Basically, from last time, we've done the famous clock and 2 coasters. And this time, the splash thing, a haunted rail, and a spinning galaxy thing. 

The haunted rail train ride was surprisingly short and from what I remember, I probably screamed thrice so yeah there's that but also, maybe it's just me. Blame it to coffee. 

I'll never get tired of this city ever! Like, there's too much beauty in this place.

I kind of miss my red hurr. I wish it was easier to maintain. 
It was kinda cold that night too. Just an FYI.
With the man 

I look lost. Literally. For some reason, my hair kind of matches my pants in this one yet again. 
With the infamous heart thing. 

  Cute family having dinner
I liked this. I actually like melon pan by itself and who doesn't like ice cream, right? So this combo is just awesome! I…

The Vernal Equinox

Whatever that is. Actually, it's the alignment of the sun and moon that brings about this phenomenon. I don't really know so Imma stop. But anyways, they say it's the first day of Spring when that happens.

To celebrate the situation, I bought this drink because 1, curiosity, 2, wala lang. And I still stand to my point that you know, Sakura is not meant to be eaten. 

Then we went to Bronco Billy's to eat because that's like the closest we can get, I guess. I was actually very hesitant because you know, we only have literally 30 minutes to eat and no time to spare and when we got there, voila, number 2 from the waiting list. But still we ate there. Hahaha it was okay.

It was alright! I mean, for what it is, it was alright. Very soft meat which is always a plus! Then there's like a salad bar and drink bar where you can refill to your heart's desire. 

We ordered 200g of Arizona Steak. They do have variety of steak but we chose the one from Arizona because it was th…

Peyong VS Peyoung Yakisoba?

Peyong vs Peyoung. Actually, it's kind of the same. I really can't tell the difference but you know, if I really have to choose, I'd choose the classic Peyoung. Just because I'm used to the taste. 

They do look kind of the same. All the little things and all. The classic Peyoung being more expensive than this new Peyong. Interesting because it's under the same company. Look at them trying to make lotsa money. 

The main difference is that the KAYAKU doesn't have little pork bits. Also, its sauce is milder compared to the other.
It looks like this. Same thing basically. Minus the pork bits. Ciao!

Sakura flavoured Pepsi

I like trying out new things and this one, I'm kind of hesitant because I don't really like Sakura flavoured stuff. Because come on! Why? Cherry is kind of a different thing but Sakura? As in the tree or something? NO! Who would want to eat something from that? Sure it's pretty to look at but no, it's not food. 

Anyways, it was okay. It taste the Pink Red Bull actually. I remember last time though that I saw Pepsi Pink and I actually didn't try but you know, I imagine it would actually taste the same. Ciao!

Nissin Cup Noodlesss!

My favorite snack when I was in the Philippines and surprisingly, I kind of not crave for it as much now that I live here in Japan. Weird. 
There are a lot more flavors than these because every now and then, they come up with limited editions and stuff. Interesting stuff actually. One time they came up with a spaghetti type thing which was kind of weird but you know, they gotta do what they gotta do, right?
MY TOP 3 Curry
Good ol' basic curry because I sometimes think that Cheese Curry is too much for me. Still a favorite though!
Chili Tomato
Not particulary spicy. I can't explain how it taste like but I like how subtle the flavor is. 
Cheese Curry
Good! But you know, different kind of good. This is not like a better version of the Curry as you would expect. It's like it has its own thing. 
There's actually a museum of these cup noodles very near my place. I should visit soon!! :) Ciao!

Too Foggy

Not really into short posts but I just want to share that it was way to foggy yesterday (3/7/16). Like, after gym, I was kind of blown away because I thought it was just too much hot bath and sauna or maybe my poor eyesight but after blinking several times, I was like, oh this is real life then. So yeah, it was really really hard to deal with but I thought it was fun to kind of snap pictures of it and stuff. Not even that cold that time. Felt like I was walking thru some TriWizard maze or something. Ciao!

Red Hair NO MORE

Don't get me wrong! I loved my red hair. But I felt like it was getting out of control and so I had to do something about it. 

Actually, my plan was to actually grow it out until it's half and half. But as it's making its way down, I felt a little conscious that I'm not getting the look I wanted to achieve. If I were patient,it would   have been gorg but you know, being the impatient person that I am, I should have asked for that style from the very start. Also, why red? It bleeds when I shower with hot water. It kinda looks like a worn out red tbh. It's soooo hard to maintain. In short, not really for me. 

My main problem was my roots. The line of discoloration was hella harsh. I was thinking to myself that if only I could ombre the shiz out of my hair, I'd be fine but we all know I can't do that so yeah. 
After color
Still not happy with the color because I thought it'd be dark-ish but it turned lighter at the roots and so you know, brown and red is …

YouTubers I'm Watching 2016

I do watch a lot of YouTube videos. But considering the wide variety of YouTubers I am subscribed to, I would probably watch videos coming from these people first. I do change my preference often that I can probably do another blog post about this in like a month. I probably won't.

Yas. Mother Sparkles herself. So fresh! I like her sense of style and all that so yeah. Not to compare but I like her like I like Gigi. That kind of like. 
I actually like Brit more than Roman. I think. But anyways, this is like a good sneak preview of what reality looks like. Except they got everything really. Also, who does fun stuff everyday like they do?
Oogui eater Yuka Kinoshita. I don't know but when it's dinner time or whatever eating time, I like to watch her video because you know, I usually eat alone and watching her makes a whole lot of difference. I wish I can eat and still maintain a slim figure like her. IMPOSSIBORU. Life is unfair.
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.