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Den Yakiniku Review

Starting platter. So basically this is for you to figure out what you want but if you go to a place like this, you order everything you see on the menu and then figure out what you like later. Take it from me. Actually, you don't really have to figure out anything. Just eat. GDI. 

They also have a salad bar which I was smart not to touch this time. 

Fruits, salad dressings, and jellies
Grilling time!!
Man, I ate a lot again! Like, why? I always do that though. I eat until I feel sick. Story of my life. 
fam bam 
They also have a drink bar but it didn't have tea bags so obviously, we weren't able to take home those from here. I'm just kidding. NOT. Can I just say though, if you can't sleep at night, you know how they say drink warm milk, right? Some say drink chamomile tea, right? When I mixed them, boom. Soooo effective!! No more sleepless nights. I happily shared this formula with my mom and she was like, uhm...I don't really have a problem sleeping. K.
hot c…


So there's been quite a lot of one price shop in Japan lately. 100 shop (OG), 390 shop, and the most recent (I think) is the 300 shop. 
the look
I have questioned my bestfriend's preference before but as I get older, I kind of understand why she likes orange makeup. Especially when you're fair-skinned, which my bestfriend is. It does look good when you're going for a summer look. 
I didn't get blush, eyeshadow, nail polish, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, and lipgloss. Not a fan. Both their formula and the general usage of the certain makeup product. 

I don't know when this will be of any use. It's so sheer!! Even for a no make-up look. But as per always, I'll find a way to make this work. I think I got the middle shade. Aba may gana sila mag shade shade ha! Pare parehas lang naman. 

Let's go to the more useful products. Lip crayon is I think my favorite. It's a bit drying but you know, it'll work. Also, it doubles as a blush! 
orange lipstick 

Osakura Ramen Review

The OG! This is my family's favorite ramen place ever since. I've been going here since I was 9 or something. Man, that's a solid 16 years. Delicious place! 
Gyoza! Also probably the tastiest gyoza I've had in a while. 

Traditional Ramen. Always a winner! Like how I remember it. 

The fam after we went to Yomiuri. Ramen is life. 

Mika, Mari, and I had this finish the ramen challenge and Mika and I nailed it.  Mari, however, made her ramen like a sinigang or paksiw by adding too much vinegar so you already know. 

I went alone the next time and so glad it's relatively kind of near to my place and that I can just go anytime. 

Yassssss! チャシュ is always the best way to test a ramen place and this one passed big time but the plain ramen is more of my thing. That's it!

Yomiuri Land

Yomiuri Land. Actually, this is not part of the plan. It just happened. This is also a park that closes at a very weird time. 6:15pm, like, are you kidding me?

Mascots. It was such a hot day when we went but glad we were able to do most of our thing so that's always great, yeah? We probably missed 3 rides but whatever.

Yas. It was really hot that day but you know, nothing can stop us when it comes to this kind of place didn't really matter much.

The view is beautiful. I mean, not Disney grade beautiful but it's definitely something. If I were to compare it to anything, it looks like a carnival with all their banderitas and stuff. I may have told everyone about how I can't accept theme parks that doesn't have carousels but I'm also thinking theme parks should have ferris wheels! So kayo nalang mag adjust for me. Hahaha

summer heat, man
They have humidifier almost everywhere so we won't die. It's a thing. 

Probably Mari's favorite ride but ma…

Stamina Taro Buffet

I already went here with Kimmy before and I'm back with all my loves now. I actually didn't know that the store's name is Stamino Taro because you know, I've been to one of Gunma's branch before. Anyways.

Greens! For some reason, I indulged myself with broccoli and okra. Wae? Facepalm!

All these looked familiar but I didn't mind this because yakiniku is life. I got the rolled cabbage though. My mom got a little bit of everything I guess? 

I didn't eat sushi because again, yakiniku is life.

Now this is interesting. They got quail eggs and hotdogs for deep drying but I didn't mind this much. I tried this one time though and it was kind of fun. I wish they had more choices. I think this area is generally for kids. Also for my sister Mika.

I remember I had these cakes for my 24th and I wanted to try them again but somehow when it comes down to it, it's either I end up to a different yakiniku place or I can't eat anymore because I'm too full. An…
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