Sanja Matsuri in Asakusa

June 06, 2017

I have mentioned before that there are places here in Japan that I probably wouldn't go to alone and Asakusa, I figured, is one of those places. Nothing personal. 

I must admit though, going up Tokyo Sky Tree (alone) was on my non-existing bucketlist befofe. On that note, should I make one for real? Like, to make my life more legitimately interesting or something??

I have been here with my college friend Kim before. That time, I remember being on a hunt for my mama's bag that she bought so many years ago and we failed.

I wanted us to succeed this time but when we went, it was all chaotic like this. 

I don't have TV at home nor knowledge what's going on here in Japan so things like this, I don't have an idea but we were warned beforehand that they might have something going on in there. Obviously we didn't expect it to be that big. We went anyways. Sanja Festival is apparently one of the three biggest festivals in Japan and millions of tourist go there just for that festival. 

I'm not usually big on festivals like this. Well I'd probably still go for the food once in a while but you know, I guess growing up in a different country makes you clueless so...

Anyways, it was so crowded when we went and it was quite impossible to check the shops one by one so we decided to somehow go with the flow. 

Sensoji Temple
We ended here. Somehow. Thankfully. 

Again, one of the places I probably won't go to alone. I like places that are more serene. I think. 

I also wasn't able to eat anything from the booths even though I'm already dead hungry because you know, we were heading for lunch (at 3:30pm) after we took the picture above.  

One reason I'd see myself coming to Asakusa is the day I'd buy authentic Japanese goodies. I mean, stores after stores of souvenirs!! Also, the day I would go up the Sky Tree. And!!! Japan's oldest amusement park is in there! Somewhere. 

Yas! Couple Goals.

This is where we had our late lunch. 

You can't tell because I've always been fat but man, I was so full!!! 

It was kind of pretty at night. We were tired though and we're starting early the next day so we went home early. Oh mom bought two bags similar to hers. It was quite a day of accomplishment. 

I know we will see each other again, Asakusa. Until then!

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