Monday, 25 May 2015

Visiting Kanuma Park

I don't know why horse shoes because I didn't see horses but anyways. 

As usual, I went because I don't have anything to do. I seriously want to thank Google Maps for all these adventures of mine. It comes in handy. 

Lovers. Like, really inseparable. I stayed in the park for about 2 hours and they stayed as is. Like swimming behind those screens and not going anywhere. I wonder what's up? 

 Hooray for glasses! My eyes are failing me, kind of. Well it's probably me failing my eyes but anyways, I seriously need to keep wearing glasses.  

Kanuma is a small park where you can probably jog around and like, watch swans, geese, turtles, and fishes swim all day. There's also a biking route and a small playground for kids. 

You go, turtle! 

For some reason, they look pretty scary to me. 

There's a goose there that's very mean and would fight with this other goose when it's around him and then the other goose would just fly away and would come again after and then repeat. Made me laugh. 

Mr. Turtle swimming slow

The swan lake. 

The jogging track I guess? 

There's like a small rest place above. I didn't go because there were students practicing their dance so yeah, I kind of avoided that place. 


Taking a short rest. 

Although illegal, I caught some people feeding these folks with dog treats and bread. Well is that bad for them? I don't think so. Anyways, that goose you are seeing above is the gangster goose I am talking about. Haha maybe the swan is in a Princess Protection Program or something.

Cutie patootie babies. 

How adorable!! :) 

It's that time of the year, I guess. 

It was a nice mini-trip. I mean, it was quite relaxing to see trees, nature, and stuff. Would definitely go somewhere else like this. Ciao! 

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Taking Over Yamashita Koen. 5.11.15

Lots of pictures!!! I went to Yamashita Koen as recommended by an auntie and it was awesome!

I was informed that the roses were in full bloom so I was like, since I don't really have anything to do, why not go? 

Mind you I actually walked from Sakuragicho Station to Yamashita koen and I tell you it is not near. I actually thought they were just side by side. Meh. Most of the buildings on the way to the park are vintage looking though so it was kind of nice to look at.  My kind of view. 

The port

Overlooking Sakuragicho 

Awesome flower

Pink Roses

Selfie with Red Roses

The fountain

I don't know but this I think is the main attraction of the park already. Like, if it's not rose season, I think this is the only nice part of the park. 

Can I just share something? I therefore conclude that I don't really have much luck with cameras. Like, I brought my DSLR with me, right? Before I actually leave the house, I grabbed my DigiCam from the counter out of I don't know, reflex. Then when I arrived at the park, I saw that there's no memory card in my DSLR. Then I realized that my DigiCam has memory card. Ha! I outsmarted my bad luck. Hahaha

Awesome vines. 

Red and White Roses

Okay so let's just continue with my bad luck on cameras. After taking some shots with my DSLR, no more power. Meh! Then I have to return the memory card to its original owner. Oh well! 

The flowers were so pretty! :)

Flowers and Yokohama Marine Tower

Huge Pink Roses

Crimson Red Roses to die for.

The ship is sailing!

In love with the view

Already leaving :(

Then I stopped by Jonathan's to eat dinner and I had this Mexican Chicken Rice kind of thing. 

I was actually supposed to stop by Sakuragicho to eat crepe but it was too windy/chilly and I totally regretted not bringing some scarf/jacket but anyways, I went straight home instead. 

Monday, 18 May 2015

What I Ate in a Day

I may have mentioned to you guys about my diet and stuff but I promised myself that during my day-off from work, I will be a little generous to myself and so yesterday, I did.

Still kind of balancing stuff though. I know when dieting one should still have rest day and stuff so this is me trying my best not to ruin everything a little bit too much. Yay me? This one is a healthy breakfast soup with loads of vegetables in it. 

 It looks artificial, kinda tastes artificial but I get the Blueberry Cream Cheese flavor of it. I'm so glad I've tried. Also, this nay have the first time I saw it so if you can, grab some!  

Then I wrapped my breakfast with this. Still trying to balance things. 

Yokohama-ya Ramen. For lunch, I had Vegetable Gyoza and Ramen. It was delightful. 

For dinner, I had salad! 

Then for desert, I had this. It was a wonderful day. 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Robbers on the Loose?

Recently, we've been robbed. Not me actually. Dad. His peso and dollar bills were stolen when he went out to ran some errands. How likely. I bet these guys (or guy) knew dad arrived because for so long, the house was shut with multiple screens and stuff and so when he arrived, he opened everything leaving only the windows exposed. Am I making sense here? Yeah. Dad said he noticed the windows broken so he immediately searched for "what's missing" and found out that the money was gone. Too bad. We reckon that the culprit/s is/are foreigners. We're judgmental, I know. But I mean, it could be anyone, really. But you know. 

Whenever I get asked about how Japan is like, I would always say, it's safe. Then I tell them stories like how we can actually leave the door unlocked at night and stuff. But you know, apparently that was only applicable 10 years ago. Now this kind of things can happen. One time an auntie's bicycle seat was stolen and the bicycle itself was found approximately 500 meters away from where it was parked. Then not so long after that, the bicycle went missing and then it was found approximately 3 kilometers away from where it was parked. Insane!! Rude! Also, the same auntie was shopping in a supermarket and after she checked out, placed her stuff in her bicycle's basket thing, she realized she forgot something so she quickly went back in the super leaving her stuff behind and when she came out, voila! Gone. 

Well Japan might still be safer than other countries and I'm still thankful that I live here but it's definitely not as safe as it was before. Bad things do happen now. Sad. I mean, I hope these kind of things would stop and may we all just leave in peace. 

Anyways speaking of broken glasses, I realized I haven't broken an iPhone screen yet. Next to my sisters (and cousin), I'm probably the most burara person that I know so with that status, ideally I should have broken 2/4 of my iPhone screens but no. It turns out I'm not really burara hahaha take that mom. Totally irrelevant. 

With that being said, always take care! Wherever you may be.
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.