Sunday, 28 June 2015

Friend's Birthday Dinner

Since we don't really have much time out, times like this are usually cherished. Back home, we do usually give time for times like this. After school, after work, whatever. Now, we do make way to be able to have something done during our one hour break. It sucks. But fun. 

The team! 

The Birthday girl is actually my neighbor and I'm just glad that I was able to find a friend nearby my place. Also, someone who share the same idea than mine. Kind of. Anyways, Happy 25th Birthday! 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Japan Dentist Experience

One thing you have to know about dentist here in Japan is that it takes time. Like, so much time. You have to go there every week or when your next schedule is due. Don't get me wrong though! Many of my workmates testified that dental stuff done here is almost good for a lifetime so if you're staying here in Japan for quite a while and considering having some dental works done, then I suggest you start now. 

Me at the dentist! Anyways, being covered by the Japanese Health Insurance, it didn't cost me much. Or so I would like to think. But I also think that it's expensive. Let's just put it this way. The "discounted" price per session that I paid here is the full price I would have to pay in the Philippines. Or even more! Even though apparently, Philippine Health Insurance system doesn't think oral health is of importance. I'm just saying. But in general, one should not convert/compare currency when in different places (I ALWAYS DO). 

Anyways, I was actually kind of hesitant to go to the dentist here because of that matter. But when I got to the dentist, voila! All of the fillings done in the Philippines were digged and refilled. I'm no expert when it comes to this and for all I know, all my previous fillings are good but apparently, not good enough. I'm totally okay with it though. Thing with dental clinics here is that they don't care what you think is wrong with your teeth. THEY WILL FIX EVERYTHING. Is that a bad thing? No. If you're in a hurry or something, maybe. 

Can I just brag that except for this one time, I was never late for my dentist appointment. This is a mystery because back when I had my braces, I think I was always late for my adjustments. 

I was told that my oral health is now at its best and that I have to check in after a month for cleaning then after 3 months then 6. To give you an idea, I started May  2 and officially ended June 23. I spent a total of 21,200 yen for a total of 9 sessions. Not bad! 

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Busy Bee-Day

Birthday cake of Tita Lea. It was delicious! I really like cakes here in Japan. I mean, it doesn't taste fake. Although I must admit that I'm also into that "nothing but sugar" taste of cakes in the Philippines. Variety! Gotta love 'em. 


This actually happened a day before our celebration in our workplace. Double celeb, it is. 

I had Mixed Fruit Yogurt Parfait which was good! I don't know if I should be consuming this for breakfast though but whatever! 

Then I also had this Scrambled Egg Breakfast set. It was a good breakfast! Anyways, that's just what's up recently. 

Sunday, 14 June 2015

June Showers

It's the rainy season again! I am a fan of rain. But only if I'm indoors. Meh. It's probably a selfish thing to say but anyways. That's the truth. It does get in my way when I'm doing stuff though. First of all, it's the perfect season to sleep a lot. 

There are even rain maker apps that promise to make you sleep longer and deeper and all that. 

Kind of confusing because when I search for videos online for like relaxation music, right? SLEEP/STUDY would always be on the title. Always together. That's probably why I fall asleep when I actually intend to study. Back in college, I have probably mixed it up so that didn't really work out well. Hahaha

These are photos that I took near my apartment using my phone. 

I had to take a photo of my neighbor! The garden is on point. 

Very random

And of course I had to pretend to eat healthy afterwards. Totally irelevantz

Friday, 12 June 2015

Tropical Pockys

I have seen these lately and even though I don't like the flavors, I thought I'd give it a try. It's Pocky so I mean, what could go wrong, right? 

The coconut is okay. I don't know if it's just me but I don't really like dessicated coconut on anything. Give me fresh, fine. You know what I mean? The coconut flavor is so subtle to the point that I don't really mind it. So yeah. I enjoyed this pack. 

The citrus thing though I have a little bit of problem with. It reminds me of a very cheap childhood snack. The Lemon flavored Rebisco Crackers. I'm not saying that it's a bad snack! It's actually alright. But when I think about it, why would I buy something probably 5 times more expensive than something that tastes just the same? Get it? It tastes cheap, that's what I'm getting into. 

Anyways, these are products that I was like, if you never try, you never know. Now I know! :)

Monday, 1 June 2015

Life Updates! :) But mostly Food.

The sun is bright and up. And hot if I may add. Weather in Japan right now is very offensive. Like, it feels so hot! It's very nasty. It can get hotter because it's not even summer-summer yet but it feels like it. 

I know it's hotter in the Philippines but for some reason, I feel like summer in the Philippines is more tolerable than it is here. Is it just me? 

Bought this waffer thing because I've seen it in BuzzFeed's Americans try Dutch Snacks. Fancy. It's actually quite good. It sells for under 100 yen here and I thought it was cheap but thinking about it, for a piece, it's quite expensive. 

Bought this cake because I thought it was cheesecake but it actually wasn't. It was good though! 

Been obsessed with this steak lately. I've seriously had 6 meals of this last week. Good stuff!  Nothing too complicated because I bought it seasoned and all I need to do is to fry them. Life! 

The night sky! For some reason, it looks fab. If I were not late the night after this, I would have been able to take a photo of the night sky that night. It was so gorgeous. But this one is okay. 

I saw this one in Hikakin TV's YouTube video and so I thought I'd try. It was delicious! I'm not actually a fan of the original one because you know, I can buy any brand and would think it's the same or maybe it's just me. This one though, Berry delicious! :) 

This I tried because I saw Seikin TV fry it or something. I don't know how I feel about it though. It's good for a change but I mean, it's instant so I don't think we could consider this as a healthy alternative or something. It has a very strong flavor and that alone makes me actually doubt whether I like this or not. It's not like it's a bad thing though. 

Also, I've been craving this Dango so I bought some. Happiness. 
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.