Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Day in a Life

This is like a very random Tuesday when I know I have to rest in the morning because of work at night but I didn't. My life. Anyways. I went to the dentist for a cleaning session and it turned out alright. The dentist confirmed that my teeth are alright.

My next schedule would not be until October. That's awesome! Like, I'm happy I'd able to take care of my oral thing. I was actually supposed to go with a co-worker somewhere but she had to go somewhere all of a sudden. Anyways, I was like, might as well go somewhere on my own. You know I always do. I then went quickly to Don Quijote to buy some hair stuff. Then for some reason, I craved for ramen. Mind you at this point, might be 12 in the afternoon (not sure) I'm sweating!! Like, it was so hot outside and I was just riding my bike. Like, why? But then I did eat ramen. 

It's actually Arashi. The same one they have in front of my mansion. 

No regrets. Usually when it's like summer, they do blast their ACs so I was relieved inside the stall. But when I went outside, I was like, so burning. 

I then decided to have some ice cream for relief. I actually went straight to Sports Depot to buy some stuff. It was a nice day.  

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Exploring Tokyo with Kim

I was like 30 minutes late our call time because I messed up. I literally carefully calculated the time needed for me to get to my destination on time but this is what happened. When I transfered train station, I fell asleep sort of and I knew my station would just be like 3 stops away but yeah when I came to my senses, I was like, OMG NO! Then I hurried to get down from the station, located the exit, and yeah I was wrong. Because my station is actually supposed to be the next station from where I went down. Then I have to wait for like, kinda long right? And so it goes. I kinda feel sorry for them. They waited for a long time under the sun. 

Our first stop is Rikugi-en. It's kind of odd that my friend wanted to see gardens and parks here in Japan. Contrary to what I think most people want to see here like lights, night life, Disney, and everything. Her reason being is that there's no such thing in the Philippines. I agree! But Disney though. Although they went to Universal in Osaka which I very much envy. Anyways. 

Literally so hot. I can't. The place was so pretty though. I can't wait to be back by like fall or like Sakura season. 

Then we went to Nakamise St. I haven't been! It was so crowded. Again, I guess it would have been nicer in fall or like Spring. 

Total fail. This machine refused to let its eggs out :( 

Then we ate at this Yakiniku place. I was literally talking about wanting to eat Yakiniku but I just can't because more often than not, I'm alone at life so yeah haha. The story is that we were actually supposed to eat at Saizeriya and then this place is beside that and we were curious so we checked it out and yeah apparently it's a Yakiniku Buffet and yeah it's very affordable! Me likey. Yakiniku finally!! 

Kim, Hachiko, and I 

Before Shibuya, we went to Shinjuku first. But then we realized that there's nothing much in Shinjuku. Just heartache. Joke! I shouldn't have insisted to go there. Oh well. Sayang.

Then we went to their apartment which was in Shinjuku.

On my way back to Shinjuku Station. 

Oh Shinjuku. 

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Having my Hair Cut in Japan

This isn't my first time having my hair cut here but this one I would like to share. To be fair though, there's no way I think this salon is better than my previous salon or the other way around but yeah. It just so happen that I feel like blogging now. As per usual. It's actually quite easy to find a salon here in Japan. And when you go in and don't speak English, you'll do just fine. They do understand basic terms. Cut, color, perm, iron, shampoo, style, and all that hair stuff. It's kinda handy to have a picture of the style you want and show them. They would more or else get what you want. 

Salons here in Japan is kind of expensive for my taste. But it's actually good. Their stylists take time to figure out what would look best on you. In fairness to them. Also, this new salon that I went to have a separate cut and color stylist. 


But maybe unlike in the Philippines, their stylists can be a little talkative which I don't really appreciate. Can I just share that I haven't encountered a cut stylists that's not kinda cute? And flirty. The first salon I went to said I look kirei, right? This new stylist called me kawaii. Ugh, what can I do? This new one really look so demure and so kind. He looks like Vanness Wu from F4. 

Me at the salon

It's really funny how my cut stylist was kinda hopeless in my disinterest in fixing my broken hair. He was like, there's a treatment that will make your hair healthy in an instant. Like, to the point that you'll be surprised. And I was just looking at him and explaing all the failure my hair have been thru in the past and he was like, oh. Hahaha it's cute.  


I went for a tad lighter hair color than I already had and I'm really happy about the results. In the beginning, I actually hoped I chose a lighter color but being the lazy salon goer than I am, this might just be the percect color for me to sort of maintain. Or not. 

Lastly, almost wherever you go here in Japan, they give you a membership card of some sort. If you go to their shop often, you acquire points that you can exchange for a service later. Kinda neat. 

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Kids Nowadays

my teenager self

I don't know but it's like kinda out of control. I won't even start with my "back in the day" feels but there's quite a few. I actually am hesitant to post this because I myself didn't have a perfect life or like made all the right decisions when I was a child but can I just say that this is getting a little out of control if you ask me. First of all, let's talk about Pinoy Big Brother 737. Do you know where I'm getting with this? I mean, I get it, it's fun to watch for all that those who are in the same age range. But for those who are 10 years older than them like I, puh-lease! All the older people probably thought the same when we were fan girling over Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu back then but now, like, "I LOVE YOU" your face! It makes me cringe! I don't condemn the show or whatever though. The kid involved now was raised elsewhere and where he's from, that might be normal but you know! As much as I think that he's quite an eye opener for many of us, I mean, it's a reality show afterall, I still think it's inappropriate for TV. But he's kinda cute though, Bailey, 8 years from now, you can "in your face" me back. Speaking of this show, Ylona is probably my favorite. She's 13, I know, she reminds me a little bit of myself, that's why. Also, as much as I hate to admit it, the teen mom Kamille is someone I am rooting for. Because. Hahaha

Now let's move to the next one. This guy named Jiro Manio. The only issue I want to address is his drug addiction. Like, I get how he's dealing with so much stuff right now and all that, but really? That's how he decided to cope up with it? It's such a pity, if you ask me. He has like 2 kids and if anything, I think he should be strong for his little ones. 

Then this teenager Julia Buencamino. It's just sad. Really sad. She's actually the age of my sister Mika and I can't help but feel sad for her family. Does she have a sister? It must have been hard for the family. Taking away your own life is pointless. If you would just think about it, whatever you're going through right now, maybe like 100 or even 1000 people are going through the same at the very moment. Will they take away their lives? Maybe. But what about those who will stand strong and face the problem? If they can, why can't you? Of course this is pointless for those who have already committed suicide but you know, just in case you're planning to, think about it first. Talk to your family. I don't have anything more to say but I send my condolences to the family. 

Lastly, this Analiza superstar who's video of her "recording herself" went viral. She's like 12, right? Probably just graduated elementary school. Is it wrong? I don't know. But as much as I'm concern, she shouldn't be doing that yet. Well who am I to tell? I really feel sorry for her, to be honest. Whatever she decided to do with her body is obviously something that should not be exposed to the public. Cruel world. 

Monday, 6 July 2015

Visiting an Eye Clinic in Japan

Remember when I told you about how my eyes are failing me, I can't take it anymore. I went with a friend because you know, Japanese is hard so we went as a team. Hahaha nah she also wanted her eyes checked. But also that!

Check-up machines

We went to a small eye clinic very near our place. Surprisingly, we were the only youngsters there contrary to the popular belief that almost all the young people in Japan wear glasses. People were even looking at us weirdly. Like, what's up? Or they were looking maybe because we were noisy kind of. Anyways the check-up was quick. Just a 4-step process. 

First, they asked me to look at the parachute thing that goes in and out of focus. 
Second, they just somehow pumped the eyes with air.
Third, they asked for me to read the charts.
Then lastly, in a dark room, the doctor examined the eyes with his blue penlight or something, I don't really know. 

Us girls! :) Anyways, my eyes are actually worse than I think. It's horrible. Can't even read the third line of the chart properly. Like, whut? I was then prescribed glasses. But I was like, can I get contacts instead? The doctor considered it for a while, then thought of giving me dailies. Then he was like, better give you the 2 weeks one churva ekek. So then I got prescribed that. What I have now is actually a pair of weaker grade contacts because I don't know, I think they would still have to customize the grade or something. 

Anyways, I will be back there next week to collect the contacts and that's good for I think 3 months time so yay! That visit was actually very cheap! As for me, it was just around 1500 yen inclusive of check-up, a pair of contacts, and the solution (with case). My friend spent more than 2000 yen though. I don't know how they calculated hers but she didn't have anything with that but check-up. Maybe because of the fact that I would somehow be a regular for getting contacts there every 3 months or whatever. 
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.