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HeyMikie Kare-Kare Recipe

I only usually cook when I'm off from work. And even then, I don't really cook fancy stuff or recipes that would require a lot of chopping, slicing, and the like. I tend to go for easy recipes. I blame my micro kitchen space for this. Although I really aspire to do everything from scratch. Someday. You know what they say, fake it until you make it.

Kare-kare usually uses oxtail but you know, it's a little bit hard for me to get that considering I wake up at like 10pm to cook and the only supermarket that is open near me doesn't carry that particular kind of meat. So pork meat it is. Beef is actually even better for this but you know, whatever.  

Then I usually cut the meat like so.
The vegetables
I actually only want to eat the veggies TBH. Meat is good too! But ya know! I actually only put the meat because it wouldn't taste good if I wouldn't put some so yeah. 

Then you just let the meat boil like so. Meat here in Japan is generally tender so  this is a quick proce…

All at Once | Mostly Food

Appetizers  Delicious Lunch 
We went to Minami-Rinkan for this particular Thai place because one auntie was craving. And because we're all from duty, they let me sleep in one auntie who lives nearby's room. That's a mouthful. We got off work at around 8 and the place opens at 11. Back to the meal, I really enjoyed the pork something something and the Hainanese. Tom Yum was delish too! The Pad Thai could be better but it was awesome. Everything was delicious actually. 

This reminds me of ginataan which I'm not always a fan of. I do like it when I feel like eating it but it's been a while and I kind of miss home so I really enjoyed eating it this time. 

This though was not from that place but made my one of our line leaders. Not particularly from Thailand either. Laos. Neighbors. 
Then we go to Takasaki. King Yakiniku where awesome happens. I always wonder how a lot of meat can fit in my big stomach. Hahaha what? 
Strawberry Smoothie
Korean style! Had two-three vege…

Botanist Hair Care

Not like I'm hoping for a miracle here or something. I know my hair is hopeless as of this moment but I thought if there is a way to at least improve it, sign me up ASAP. 

I am leaning towards using natural products because if my hair would be destroyed anyways, I find comfort in saying "it's natural" as a response. Don't you? I'm actually half way done with this product and to be honest, I don't really know what it's doing to my hair per se but I swear by its smell. It smells delicious. And it's natural. Only issue I have with this (or is it just the super near me?) is that they seem to confuse people with their mix and match thing. Like, with their scents and stuff. Not really complaining. At least they have apple as a common thing. PS: I took botany when I was in first year. Not a fan. Ciao!

Dreaming of Reality?!

I usually dream of flying. AT LEAST I USED TO. Before, when I feel like I'm trapped in a dream, I could always use my superpower and FLY. Almost instantly. It just feels like I always know what to do. Yesterday was different. And I've had similar dreams like this recently as well. I CAN'T WALK PROPERLY FOR FOR THE LOVE OF ME. It's feels like I'm so heavy which is relevant but not really in this situation. It feels like I am struggling to walk. And I was trying to run  even but same result. My dream is messing with Newton's Third Law of Motion. I've read online that FLYING MEANS FREEDOM and my dream of struggling to walk means I'm having trouble of getting where I want to be. Effing true! I just want to fly again you know. Ciao!

A Quickie in Akihabara

If anything, I'm really happy that I came here because you know, it's not a place I would go to on my own. It's just that I don't really know what to do there. Not interested. 
Vape Shop
 Main reason of coming here. 

Had a healthy dinner. It's been a while since I had shabu-shabu and it's not like how I remember it. I know for sure that I'm not doing it right. 

Sukiyaki style on the left and no idea what's on the right. It sure has some fancy name but it doesn't really taste like anything. WATER? 
I do like the gadgets that I have but I don't go gaga over other techie stuff and that's mainly what this place is known for. I heard that there's a shrine here for IT students and the like. Anything that has to do with gadgets basically. 

I've been told that this place gets really busy. 
Akihabara Station

Maid cafe I kind of want to experience though. I know it's creepy hearing that from me because I imagine this kind of place being p…

Expecto Patronum!

I've always wondered what my official patronus is. I have actually imagined an owl or a raven. Just like that of Harry Potter's owl and RAVENCLAW's raven. I have also thought of thousands of butterflies all at once. Also, unicorn. But I guess I can't be too magical.
Disney Moment 
I have no regrets for I have answered as honest as possible. Although some answers have also appealed to me, I still believe I chose the best. 

Interesting. Yeah, cats. If you don't know how this works, much like how you can fly to Neverland, you think of happy thoughts and you cast the Pactronus charm. Then the Dementors would go away. They say not all wizards can produce a full Patronum but I think I can! ;). Ciao!

DIY Hair Color.

This is the brand that I got. Actually the cheapest brand available at the drug store. It's just that I kind of like the color and boy did I hope for this to work. It kind of did! But with a hair like mine, I really could use some help. It's just not cooperative. 
I don't know which I want anymore. I kind of want to opt-out of BRIGHT hair considering I just colored my hair red and then darker but also I don't want my hair to be dark as in dark dark. 

So happy with the result although it's been a while and I am a very late blogger so it almost looks like the picture above again. I guess we should really wash out the red first because it keeps showing up. I guess it's true what they say. There are few things in life that we should let the professionals do and having your hair colored is hella one of them. Will make an appointment as soon as I can. Ciao!

It's Skin Face Masks | Korean

Beauty masks from my Korean trip this year. 

I bought these masks from a shop in Myeongdong for a very cheap price. I got an assorted package and there are 3 that I bought separately for 1000 won/piece. Cheapo!

Just like the Japanese masks, I was confused with what essence means because the mask smells nothing like avocado. I appreciate the fact that it fits better on my face though. I guess I'm Korean after all. It feels sticky but not complaining kind of sticky. You know!

Nothing really special about the rose. If anything, it's kind of fake. But it moisturizes so not really complaining. Can I just say that it's probably rose. I think its overrated how people perceive rose as this good smelling flower well in fact, it smells fake. It's pretty to look at though. Classic.

Man, this one though! This is like the first time it smells like what it is. It smells very fruity which I truly appreciate because you know, it's been purely chemical …
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