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September 26, 2016

 Delicious Lunch 

We went to Minami-Rinkan for this particular Thai place because one auntie was craving. And because we're all from duty, they let me sleep in one auntie who lives nearby's room. That's a mouthful. We got off work at around 8 and the place opens at 11. Back to the meal, I really enjoyed the pork something something and the Hainanese. Tom Yum was delish too! The Pad Thai could be better but it was awesome. Everything was delicious actually. 

This reminds me of ginataan which I'm not always a fan of. I do like it when I feel like eating it but it's been a while and I kind of miss home so I really enjoyed eating it this time. 

This though was not from that place but made my one of our line leaders. Not particularly from Thailand either. Laos. Neighbors. 

Then we go to Takasaki. King Yakiniku where awesome happens. I always wonder how a lot of meat can fit in my big stomach. Hahaha what? 

Strawberry Smoothie

Korean style! Had two-three vegetable plate I believe? Quite a turn of events if you ask me. 

After all the meat, I always finish with buttered scallops. I don't know. It's my thing. I like it. 

Matcha Red Bean Icecream 

Weird because coming in, I wanted to eat cake and insist of going to Stamina Taro but when it's time for deserts, I went for icecream. 

Going home Selfie 
Summer <3
Assorted chocolates

Assorted chocolates from a co-worker who I think went to Australia for weeks? The only reason I put this all together in one post is that I failed to take more pictures for it to be considered a proper blog post individually so yeah. Ciao! 

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