It's Been a Year

September 19, 2016

It's been a year since my lola left us. I still can't believe that she's gone. Sometimes I would just burst into tears when I remember that she can't be physically be with us anymore. Also when I do some crazy things, I would think about what my lola would say. Or think. And I'd be like, tsk tsk tsk. LOL. 

But at the same time I feel relieved. She's not in pain anymore and not thinking about her disease anymore. I can only think how hard it is for her. And now that she's relieved, I am too. 

My lola would have been 67 years old. Still very young to go back to heaven. Sidenote: I have at least 4 workmates her age. And every time they'd do something I don't like, I would just imagine it being my lola and my patience would go up 100%. Although my lola would probably be nicer. 

It's not a good week. My lola's Birthday, Death Anniversary, and Aged Day happened almost consecutively. But it's a good week as well. Reminds us of what we're missing. And that we should continue marching forward. Ciao!

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