Cookie and Cream

February 19, 2018

HELLOs and GOODBYEs. So, my dog Shiki actually already left us and went to dog heaven. My heart. But for some reason, I’m not really that surprised. I guess I needed the closure. Like I always do. Mom be sending me pictures of our other dogs and all that and she haven’t send me any of Shiki’s so I sensed that there’s something wrong. I didn’t ask. She told me the news when we saw each other at the airport though. Anyways, we have two new amazing dogs. Leggo!

Cookie monster. Probably the silliest dog of the bunch. 

He would fetch any ball and put it on her mouth. She even sleeps while holding the ball in her mouth. Man, I’m worried she’s gonna choke one day but she seems pretty good at this. 

she’s adorable!
sleeping monster

How can someone be this cute?

ferocious monster

Also another addition to the family is Cream. Shiki’s replacement as the guard dog. We didn’t seem to get along at first but she eventually adjusted and would always jump and hug me! :) That’s all!

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