Sweet 26!

February 27, 2018

Happy 26th Birthday to me. I know. Thank you Hidemi and tita for the cake! 

This is a gift my mom put in my luggage back to Japan and she’s been doing it for 4 years I guess and everytime, I was behave and open it on the day or even after my birthday. Thank you mamita!


This is something I bought for myself. Nothing fancy for me this year. 

Yas!! Yakiniku King

It’s been a hot minute since I went here. It might have been more than a year. But I’m so glad to be back!! :) I almost forgot how delicious the meat here is. 

Hidemi and Tora

Tora approves. 

Yas!!! My favorite of them all!
Yakiniku Time

Unlimited desserts!


We also had a little celebration at the pantry. Thank you everyone for contributing! 

The next day, our leader from Laos made this noodle that I really love! :) That’s all! 

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