Beauty and The Beast @ Caretta Shiodome

March 10, 2018

I already told you that this place is my favorite for illumination, aye? So last season, I went. I also vlogged about this by the way so please check that out that if you like. CLICK FOR THE VLOG!

Last season, they did Beauty and The Beast. My Disney heart. 

Watched it more than I watched last time and my Disney heart just can’t! Although I got tired of it towards the end but  anyways. Can we just stop and appreciate the Enchanted Rose? Yas! 

Tale As Old As Time

My problem with this is that their transition didn’t go smoothly as I would like it to be. Like, before the show ends, the music just stops in the middle of a non-acceptable end of the song. You know. But it was still good but it difinitely could be better. 

At the top floor of Caretta Shiodome, they have this stunning roof deck that is not relevant to this post but yeah at the top, they have Beauty and the Beast’s costume on display and some interactive stuff that I enjoyed.


Enchanted Rose. . 

I hope next year’s theme is Tangled because that would be so nice for the Disney kid in me. That’s all! Just like last year, Caretta Shiodome is still my winner for the Tokyo Winter Illumination.

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