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Omotesando Illumination 2016

I don't really have much business to do in Omotesando except for MAC but since it's close to Harajuku, I went anyways. 
Burberry Scarf ;)  The Beverly Hills of Japan (or so they say)
Simple as it may seem, it was actually very pretty! 
Omotesando Everything was magical Selfie Burberry Vintage
It's a very pretty place to visit. Too bad it ended already as of this writing but I'm really glad I was able to go! That's all! Ciao!

Yoyogi Park Illumination 2016

Sea of Blue
Last 2 years, I promised I'd go to illuminations. I actually thought I wouldn't be able to but with a little more determination, I managed to somehow sneak in! Last year was kind of fail (in general that is) but anyways, this year and early next year will be nothing but memorable.

I mean, just look at that beauty. Can I just say that as much as I'm almost running out of time with these events, because I forgot to bring my camera the first time, I had to go back the next week to take proper pictures. Waste of time but you know, this kind of place is not something you'll get tired of apparently. And it's near work. 

Also, iPhone 7 Plus' camera is not as near as good as a DSLR. Whoever tell you otherwise is clearly lying. Pft! 

Crowded!!! It's a fairytale venue with lots of prince and princesses so it's hard to feel like the only jewel in this one. 
Yoyogi Park in Shibuya
 This was actually the easiest place to go to since it's like a 10 minute w…

Tama Center Illumination 2016

Christmas in our hearts!
Sea full of stars? I was wondering what this is at first given my poor eyesight but then with the noise and all, I realized it's supposed to look like the ocean with all the creatures and stuff. 
Also, I've been going to Sanrio Puroland every effing up until I was 13-14 but I didn't realize that it was in Tama Center. 
Kitty Chan  Reindeers
It was beautiful! It was wide! Not like in Tokyo where it's so compact in a sense that in Tokyo, you almost only have a place to walk. But then again we went earlier this month so illuminations are not really that relevant yet. 
Penguin Heart  Selfie
First illumination of the year. Well it's up until February so I still have a lot of time to go here and there. Not bad for starters. Ciao!

Let's Eat Chinese 日高屋

We all know this is unnecessary. 
Popular Menu 
It's been a good 24 years and I am still amazed at these replicas. 
Interior With my Bru
Tita Elvie who sponsored our dinner. Actually, Tita often mention that if she would have to live another life, she'd choose to have me and bru (her niece) to be her daughters. I don't know about that! It would be a riot!!! Also, I'd re-live my life as is. 
liver thing
I used to not mind livers but you know, maybe 2 or 3 years ago, I don't like it na. It's weird. I can eat probably a very very small amount but more than that, meh. The liver dish was good though. Just not the dish for me. 
classic ramen set
Classic taste. Well nothing special. But might be better than what most people call good in the Philippines. True story. 

And then I came back probably a week after all by myself and had Tonkotsu Ramen and this donburi. The tonkotsu was alright. Again, nothing special. The donburi was kind of good though. 
Tonkotsu Ramen Chicken…

Random Decemberness

Christmas in Hashimoto
Although this didn't happen in December, still sharing it now because I still think it's relevant and I'm not one for timely blog as of the moment so please bear with me. Thanks. LOL. 

Would definitely be back for the Meat Lover series but for now, we had it in single meal kind of thing. Nice quality meat! 
Before this selfie, I had an interview for the US Air Force base job. Am I allowed to say that? No? 
nuff said
I found this very vain Instagram account of my vain 19 year old self. I actually thought I cancelled this account already but nah. Feel free to WTF.

Also, Big Bang is back! I like FXXK IT better than Last Dance. I don't know much Korean (dunno at all) but I somehow translate Last Dance to Last Year. OMG is this farewell? I KID. Ciao!

Häagen-Dazs' Flavors of Fall

Flavors of fall. Not even its official campaign or anything but it was released during the time being and I feel like they're very autumn-y so why not?
Maple Custard Cookie

The best among the three. Like, if this would be part of the regular line, I'd probably buy it.

Not a fan. I was like, meh. I don't get why people like Pumpkin Spice anything so it is no surprise that I don't like this one.
Murasaki Im
I bought this because I thought it'd be like Philippine's Ube icecream but whatever! It's not. Kind of close though but not quite. Anyways, I still finished everything because it's sayang. Ciao!
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