Saturday, 26 September 2015

KATE TOKYO Cosmetics haul

These are my recent beauty finds. First of all, they are affordable as it is, but what sold me these was the 20% off at the counter deal. 

BB Cream! 

What I liked about this brand is that they have a wider select of colors than what I am used to. I think they have 5 colors to choose from and I got OC-B which is like the second to the lightest color from the range. To be honest, the middle color matches me better but I remember that I used to have foundations oxidize on my skin so I was like, a tad lighter won't hurt. Still matches.  

I don't usually buy/use foundation but bought this just in case I actually have to use one.  

Also bought concealer because I thought that if I would wear foundation, might as well do a full coverage routine. Is that bad? Haha anyways, I didn't bought the finishing powder because I believe that the powder I have would be able to do the same thing. Also, too much. That's all! 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Adieu, Nanay.

See you in Heaven 

At some point in our lives, we must accept that we're gonna lose people along the way. May it be a break-up, growing apart, distance, or death. Death though is irreversible. And I feel like it's the hardest to accept amongst mentioned.

I have told you in my previous blog that my lola is sick or was sick. She's very much okay now. At least she's already at peace with God. As much as I still want to spend a little more time with her, I'm glad that she's not in pain now. It's gonna be sad, yes. I know It'll never be the same again. But that's just life. Easier said than done, I know. But I also know that things will be okay eventually. 

I actually didn't tell a lot of people about this. And I'm only writing this here because I don't think people would read up until this point. Except probably few. Anyways. I have told probably three friends max. Of course except my immediate family members because they knew about this before me. It's not that I don't want to tell. For some reason, I choose people who to tell about certain things and actually let them see my weakness. I don't pretend to be strong or whatever but you know, I have this notion that not a lot of people would understand so why bother mingling with their train of thoughts? 

message from lola :(

This is how I knew. September 17, around 3 pm, I kind of woke up all of a sudden and checked my phone. I saw that I got a missed call from my auntie back in the Philippines. Well it's not really unusual. I occasionally get a call from her here and there so I kind of ignored because I was still really sleepy that time. I thought of checking my phone again before going back to sleep and moments later, my mom called. Now my mom doesn't do that. She wouldn't really call me that time of the day because she would know I'm asleep. Now back to where it all started. My lola was constantly complaining about her back. She can walk, yes, but there's something different. Like, my mom told me she was told that it seems like my lola can't walk properly because of the pain. But then again, she was able to go to the hospital for it to get checked. She specifically told my mom not to let her get confined. Part of it is because my lola is worried about the money and stuff. I can't help but get really sad when I think about this. Like even before she started dialysis, she would always tell me how expensive it is and all that. And I think to myself, my lola shouldn't be thinking of anything else other than making herself comfortable so I really try my best to help. It makes me sad that she was still thinking of it until the end. The first day was okay, she was okay. She was able to talk and communicate. Second day of confinement, her doctors told my auntie that lola is getting worst. She couldn't communicate anymore. She slept a lot. All along my mom thought she would be able to go home with lola. But that night, we lost her. Mom said that lola's last words were "sakit", "gutom", and "uwi". Maybe lola knew she would be leaving us after all. It's okay lola. We understand. I'm so sorry you had to go through all the pain. But please understand and I know you do understand that we're only trying our best. But we get it lola, you want to rest na. 

My lola is the kindest person I know. When I was a child growing up, I sometimes get really annoyed by my little sisters. She would ALWAYS stand up for them. ALWAYS. She thought me to be nice to my sisters. She told me that they may be mean as of the moment but one day, they would remember my kindness so I should not be mean to them. Especially with Mika my sister. She was soooo mean as a kid so I was always pissed and constantly correcting her meanness. But then my lola will always be like, "KAYO DAPAT ANG MAGKAKAMPI". That grew with me and I've been telling my sisters the same every time they fight with each other and I hope they would remember. 

If I were to look at my lola's life, I think she served her purpose in this world well. She might not be here with us anymore but she will always be remembered in our hearts.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

My MTLEX Drama 2013

It's so crazy that it's been over 2 years since I passed the MTLEX. People after us are hella lucky because you guys were given an extra week or two to cram for the exam. My batch took it at the last day of August, imagine! Anyways, I honestly don't remember much. I remember though that I had an upset stomach coming in the examination room. Like, we were actually advised to bring Loperamide, did that, took it, but still. I guess it has something to do with me being nervous and all that. I guess I was a little bit too nervous to be honest. But guess what? Whatever time you're reading this, at some point, you're gonna make it. 

Picture above is a shot from my Victory Party. My cousin and my high school friends which I was always making kulit to pray for me to pass. Anyways, point of this blog post is to tell all the examiners that it's gonna be alright. You'll doubt yourself after the exams, yes, but you know, shake it all off. And believe me when I say this, there's nothing you can do about it now. Kahit mag recall ka pa ng sangkatutak, hindi na mapapalitan yung mga nasagot mo na sa exam kaya don't stress! Chill! Don't make it too hard for youself, you know. 4 days nalang sana RMT nadin kayo so wait lang. FYI I actually didn't expect to pass but I did pass so maybe that's gonna be your luck as well. If not, I guess you can try again. And do better! 

Claim the victory they say. If you fail, don't be too heartbroken, 2 more tries. Don't rush! Take it all in. Review harder. Practice what you preach! But if all else fails, you know, I believe that somehow it's true what they say that if it's not for you, then you just have to let it go. You move on from there. That's all!  

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Trying to get Fit

I took the picture below because I was trying to tell my mom that I work out and despite me describing it to her, she couldn't remember the place so voila! :)) 

It's been over month since I started going to this wellness center. I kind of like it. One day, a friend asked me to find a gym nearby for us to workout/lose weight and yeah at first, we actually considered going to places for different purposes but knowing myself, I really didn't think that would work because I'm too lazy to go to certain places let alone going to a lot of places when we can actually go to this place and have it all in. You know what I mean?

We're just lucky we have a place like this nearby. It's like 5 minute walk (max) from where we live. And no, there's no rock climbing facility. That would have been great though. 

We started August 1st so it's like a month now because they kind of had a week off during that time so yeah. 

It's nonsense but you know, I think the massage chair is my favorite placeout of everything. 

The friend who tagged me along this fitness journey. 

Taking pictures is not allowed inside but you know, I think that as long as we're not offending anyone, we're fine.

They do have quite a lot of facilities and all that jazz. They do have a lot of lessons as well.

Speaking of lessons, my favorite is Dance Aerobics class because of this teacher. She's just so fun to work with. So funky!

Aside from the Relaxation Room where all the massage chairs are at, I also like the Pool. Mainly because that's where the saunas are at. Can I just say that I'm so obsessed with the smell of the wood in one of the saunas? Is that weird? 

I'm really happy that I live very close. And you know, when it comes to losing weight, I'm not planning to rush things and all that. NO PRESSURE! I just want to have fun and hopefully see results at the end. If not, I want this journey to be a nice experience at least. Ciao! 

You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.