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Time for Oden!

Don't get me wrong though. Anytime is a fairly good time to have Oden. I remember getting them as early as August haha but since it's getting colder now, this time of the year is best to start devouring for a cup (or two). 

If you're wondering where to get yourself one, go-to Oden is pretty much a convenience store thing. Usually at the counter, it's quite easy to spot. Depending on the store's policy, sometimes they do allow you to scoop things out from their little machine thingy directly to your cup. But most of the time, they do the job because some of the ingredients are quite delicate so they probably don't want the hassle of mashed bits in there. 

It's good to eat a bowl during winter. It can keep you warm and all that. 
If you can't tell already, I love DAIKON! :)) Anyways, I got to say that 7/11 is probably my favorite place to get an Oden. It's just that I think they do have more variety to choose from an…

A Quickie in Roppongi

And no! It's not what you think it is. Actually, I don't remember the last time I went to Roppongi. I actually went to Tokyo Tower back when I was so little that I actually couldn't even remember what's up. And then I don't have a business to do in Roppongi anymore. Not when I was a child at least. Now that I'm of legal age, maybe. Just maybe. 

Anyways, we went to Roppongi because my auntie wanted to show his grandchildren to a friend so yeah we did that.

They own this restaurant place. I don't know if it's an everyday thing but they do serve loads of Filipino dishes at noon. Eat all you can! By the way, thanks for sponsoring the lunch! :) I actually didn't pay because my auntie told me not to because apparently, whenever they go there, they don't as well. I'm thinking they're probably really good friends. Probably. 

It was kind of a rush rush visit because I had to go somewhere after this. They actually tried to stop me from going because …

Date Night at Odaiba

Spur of the moment. We were actually about to go to Sakuragicho but decided to go to Odaiba instead. Kind of funny because last time, he told me he was supposed to go to Odaiba but ended up in Yokohama and Sakuragicho instead. Wala lang. Kawawa talaga yang Minato Mirai na yan. 
Our view from the restaurant. 
I like this kind of place. You know, you enjoy everything that there is. The view, food, and the person you're with. It's a nice feeling. Like, there's nothing to spare. 
The food
Loads of food! How we finished everything, I don't know. But it was a filling and delicious meal. 

It was a chicken kind of day. Always.  

After the meal, we decided to stay and talk about life quite a bit and then there was this Filipina staff who gave us this cream filled strawberries as a desert sort of and yeah dinner complete. 
Strawberry swing 

Although raining, we still went for a walk, see stuff and all that. It was mesmerizing. I liked it. Anywhere with pretty lights, count me in! :)

That Jerk. Literally.

Epic picture
Japan is safe. I've already said that before, but I just want to mention some exceptions. You know, that creepy old guy in Shinjuku, drank foreigners on the loose, and this recent event. I'm just gonna talk about the "recent event". 
In Kita-Takasaki, when I was on my way home, I happened to look inside a ramen shop. And then it just so happen that this guy was on his way out. So okay. I still have quite a lot of time before the train arrives so I wasn't like rushing or anything. I was more on the slow pace actually. Then for some reason, this guy was on the same pace too. I thought it was really weird because I was really slow. I then crossed the road I shouldn't even cross and the guy was still following. Confirmed! I was being followed. I then thought of crossing another. Weary, whilst crossing the road, I stopped all at once. The guy went thru though. Then I noticed he was holding his crotch as if trying not to pee or something. He then went…
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