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National Dog's Day 2016

This post might actually be 3 or 4 days late but whatever. Hahaha. It's not everyday that we get to thank our furry friends at home. 
Let's start with my Shiki. Old English Sheep Dog. The thing about our pets is that they assign them to family members, well in fact, it's everyone's. Except probably Shiki. He is mine. I may have mentioned (or not) but he's a gift from my uncle's boss and he gave it to us. As of this writing, he's about 4 years old and 7 months. Not really at his best behavior all the time but he does his job. MAKING NOISE ALL THE TIME mostly. But when he sees me, he'd shut up and go back to his cage. Anyways. He's still sweet! Cuddly. Sometimes I fear for his life because he kind of makes a lot of noise and you know, what if? 
Kori. Mix between a Shihtzu-Poodle. He is just there sitting with his crossed legs. Always fabulous. Always a good laugh when we see him sitting like a diva. 
The Queen Bee. Only Bee actually. Alw…

Don Don Yakiniku | Sagamihara

For some reason, I somehow expected this Berry Yogurt to be super sweet but it was yogurt-y if that makes sense. Very plain. The taste wouldn't even combine so yeah if you don't like yogurt, don't even dare. I ate because it's healthy. Also, I ate this last so this was my consolation prize for my body for eating so much fats. 

Went out to Yakiniku after unloading stuff from the apartment to the house. This place was recommended by my tita at work and she said it's good so we went.

Nothing really special. We went to quite a lot of Yakiniku restaurants already. Actually only 5. But anyways. Nothing special. If I were to choose, I'd pick YAKINIKU KING. Also, the HOTATE above is my favorite. 

It was the first time I had red meat in quite a long time so I was really excited. 
Gyu Tan
Also a personal favorite is that dragon heart looking thing. I think it's how it's called. Not sure. Dragon something something. That's all! I really enjoyed eating. I also…

Meiji Super Cup Ice Cream Review

Aloha! It's been so hot here lately. And here's how I somehow deal with it. Well there's more! This is a brand of ice cream that's kind of all over the place. And here's what I think of them. 

As much as I think this would be my favourite, not really. I mean, it doesn't really taste like the way I like it to taste. 

This one is okay. I mean, it's not the best tasting Vanilla ice that there is but you know, it's cold and sweet so it somehow serves its purpose. The texture though is kind of rough, I feel like. 

I don't know what is up with their formula but this one is fine. Not a fan of the blend though. I think I like Matcha flavored ice cream when soft served. 

This one though is yummy. I actually didn't think I would like this but yeah they nailed it! 

This one is my favorite! Like, yas! Really nailed it. If you're ever gonna get something from this brand, I suggest you go straight for this. You're welcome. Also, are we keeping up wit…

Life of the Party

Soubetsukai of one of the hanchos in our workplace and she did have this little goodbye party at a nearby pub. So we all went after work. 

I went with my groupmates but when we reached the place, but a friend apparently already saved me a seat and grabbed me to their place.

It was fun! I actually didn't think it would be that fun because we all are from work and tired and stuff.

My groupmates seated on the next table. 
The Hancho
I actually didn't plan to go because I guess I'm holding a grudge against this person but you know, it's stupid because she only asked because it's what's right. Okay basically, when I went to Korea, I didn't file a proper "leave" and report I will be going out of the country because come on, it's only 4 days. I received 2 days YUKYU (paid leave) and 2 days of my own off that week so what's there to report? Yes it is but proper but you know, it's kind of not her business. She asked my hanchos about it and yeah it k…
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