Thursday, 27 October 2016

Pre-Fall Randomness

After work Selfie

It's starting to look like FALL. AKA my favorite season ever. Or is it Spring? I would never know. 

One day on my way home from work, I saw some pigeons feeding on something and I happen to have some crackers left so I shared. 

I also decided to visit my dentist. Let us all take note that I am actually 9 months late for this schedule but better late than never I guess. Everything went fine. No cavity and all that nasty stuff. Also, it's Halloween in there already. 

After the dentist, I went to a game center nearby and spent a good 2 hours in there. Also, I only spent 200 yen.

Being the boring person that I am, I only sat in this coin dozer machine. And hit jackpot twice! TIME KILLER. I remember when I first got here in Japan, my bestfriend here was pregnant that time and man, we would always go here to kill time and play. I don't think I could do that all over again though. 

Sagamihara Station


"There's always a story. It's all stories, really. The sun coming up every day is a story. Everything's got a story in it. Change the story, change the world." - Terry Preschett

I went to Fujisawa yesterday. I kinda like that I've been going to different places doing different things for different purposes. It's not me. I kinda like stable in a sense. Lack of sleep is also not something I'd like to take in return but you know, these trips have been nothing but fulfilling so I'm kinda happy. Kinda. It keeps me grounded somehow. Ciao!

Monday, 24 October 2016

Cheap Makeup

I got these all at a shopping app called WISH. So basically, it was my Nepali friend who introduced me to this app and I was buying things from there since then. More reason not to go out of the room, right? Thankful for that time I asked her where she got her bag. It's a life saver. She was like, oh there's this app called Wish and you know, I barely go anywhere (physically) to get stuff because I get everything from there. Download it too! #tamadgoals #nowIknowwhywe'refriends

Foundation (4061 JPY -> 521 JPY)

I always match the second or on rare occasions, the third lightest shade in any beauty product but Michelle Phan said to get a shade lighter because of oxidation so yeah. This looks soo ashy in the bottle but let's hope for the best.

Concealer (833 JPY -> 105 JPY)

Also a shade lighter.

Setting Powder (938 JPY -> 313 JPY)

I know I told you I'm not a fan of setting powders in general but I'm just gonna give it a try. I feel like this is more of a shimmer powder though. But whatevs.

It's all so cheap!! Shipping is also just around 200 - 300 JPY per item so it's not a lot of damage. Download it too! Let's all be tamad shoppers together. Ciao!

Monday, 17 October 2016

A Quickie in Shibuya

Shibuya Crossing

From another interview. I was really hoping I'd get the job but it turned out they're just finding reserves for their expansion that who knows when will happen. But I was very happy with the interview. I was even happier this time than the last one. And it turned out the first company that I went to is not that good. Well according to the consultant I've talked to anyways. So there's that. Kind of on the way so I went to Shibuya.

I really wanted to roam around the city but I have work that night so I just ate ramen. And stopped by a little while in Hachiko park. Not its official name. Haha. I also wanted to drop by Lush but we all know that it's gonna take a lot of time choosing what to get and all that so I didn't dare enter.

Anyways. I was in the park, right? I saw a lady holding a flower passed by me and I didn't really mind and then I turned to look at some other stuff I don't know and then I glanced back to Hachiko and I saw the flower there. It's very touching. What a nice gesture. So yeah.

Then I decided to eat ramen. Not only ramen but at Ichiran ramen. According to blogger Cheesie, it's the best that there is. I had to fall in line for 20 minutes to get in the restaurant. And another 5-10 minutes to get seated.

Loneliest looking Ramen 

I don't know how I feel about it. I'm definitely not impressed the first time but I'm also sure I'm doing it wrong. So basically, they give you a checklist and you decide how you like your ramen. And I happened to check "futsu" in everything and I don't know. I will do it differently next time. I really have my hopes high for this ramen place because I trust Cheesie. I'm gonna give it one more try. Kind of. Hahaha.

So yeah I had fun! Even though it was a very short stop, I was so happy to be back. Until then, Shibuya. Ciao!

Saturday, 15 October 2016

New Hair Style

I thought it's about time to get things done professionally. After two-three DIYs that is. 

I mentioned before that I don't really like the punctuality of this salon. I booked a day earlier and I still waited for 30 minutes. 

Bellatrix Lestrange-ing 

Coming in, I showed my stylist a reference picture and I told her that I wanted a lighter and brown hair and she was like, that may not be possible right now because the red tone in my hair is still overpowering so she was like, can we just stick to the red? What can I do, right? She dyed the roots and then bleached some parts because bleaching it all will cut the end of my already damaged hair. My poor hair. 

I don't really know what this machine is for but maybe for treatment or something. Better absorption of damaging chemicals maybe? ;) 

After Salon
The Next Day

I kind of liked my hair curled. Should I consider? Well quite a long a time ago, I've been told that my hair wouldn't actually hold curls so who am I fooling? Ciao!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

2D Off, 6 Movie Reviews

10/9-10/10 (2016) Home movies are generally my thing if I'm alone. If I watch it with someone, see you in dreamland my friend. Is there even science behind my condition or something? Just me? Okay. I know I may have already mentioned this before but you know, I'm not exactly a new human being every post so this situation will always happen. Anyways, I thought of rewatching all the Harry Potters but I was like, I need to pick up new life lessons at this point in time. Because we all know I can do some pretty advance magic now. Expectro Patronum!!!! (Siberian Cat appears!) See? Anyways, I was just browsing Netflix and even though these were pretty old news, these were just recently added. Up your game, dude. 

The Internship 

Internship 1
Internship 2 
Yas, Google! ;) 

Seriously doubted watching this at first because I liked Anne Hathaways's "Intern" very much but I watched it anyway. I really shouldn't judge a movie by it's lead characters. I barely watch movies with guy lead characters but yeah. Sexist. Anyways, this is a good movie to watch for those who are feeling a little lost. Career wise that is. Also, this showed Google is just but an awesome company. 

A Little Bit of Heaven


This is very light to watch. I mean, not so much drama and all that. And she got to do what she wanted (somehow). Not so much of a tear jerker but it moved me (kind of). I wish I can face death like she did. FFS she even shopped for all her friends! I don't want to see Whoopi Goldberg though. Give me Ellen Degeneres. Well 50+ years from now, hopefully. Man, that's quite a life ahead. Don't you think?

Still Alice

"Yes' mom. It's about love." 

Bless my heart. This is sad. But at the same time it shows us that this is not just a movie. There are so many Alices out there with different stories to tell.


Saturday, 8 October 2016

A Quickie in Harajuku

For some reason, I'm trying to venture in a new career so I'm kind of going for interviews here and there. This one was not in Harajuku but I went after the interview anyways. Mind you! This is not even "because it's on the way" kind of situation. I have to transfer twice I believe? Dedication. 

The Harajuku Station

Ancient looking station that's also a touristy spot because tourists seem to like to take pictures here. Which is inconvenient sometimes but whatevs. 

I actually thought of going to Shinjuku but I guess my feet killed me that time so I was like NVM. I don't like it in Shinjuku anyways. But you know, I should try to wander again and maybe I'd have a different opinion. People change. Yeah?

Hot Cocoa 

Hot Cocoa on a hot afternoon. It doesn't makes sense. After wandering around, I decided it's time to eat. I stopped by a place called La Pausa. It's actually like Saizeriya in a sense. 

Good Ambiance 
Potato Fry
Tuna and Spinach

I guess it's safe to say that I like Saizeriya better. It gets me. I don't know. I actually went to Harajuku for Crepes but I got creeped out by some foreigners handing out flyers. If you've been to Harajuku, you'd know the "foreigners" all over Takeshita Street. Can't a woman walk peacefully? For goodness sake! Anyways, Ciao!

Thursday, 6 October 2016

How I Survived the Heat

Summer is now officially over. And it wasn't very easy considering how all the people at work and some others complain that it's the different kind of hot.

Wide Variety of Selection

I've always been a fan of Matcha flavored anything. I remember a time in my life when it's even my ONLY Starbucks drink. I kind of switch drinks now depending.  

I liked its waffle. Didn't taste the matcha as much as vanilla. 

Interesting ice cream! I swear when I first saw this years ago, I was like, how could I? But then it's one of those ice creams that melts rather easily so with a few push, and uncessful zips, you'll be good. 

Not really a fan of complicated tasting ice creams. This one I'm not a fan of. Not because it's complicated-tasting but because of the fake banana flavor. Man, I hate banana flavored anything. Except perhaps the flavor of the real banana. 


But it's too sweet even for my liking. It has red bean paste underneath and I feel like I only like red beans when it's in my Halo-Halo. Sometimes Tepanyaki too but not my first choice. Not over custard, no. 

Colorful bliss

I liked this one. I'm not a fan of sprinkles so I thought I wouldn't like but it has a very mild flavor. Thumbs up.

This reminds me of that Buko Salad Ice Cream my mom used to buy from the neighborhood. Very close. But you know, for 108 yen, we can probably buy 3-4 of those. Rule number 1, don't convert. 

semi-soft serve ice cream
chocolate coated vanilla ice cream

This one is chocolate coated vanilla ice cream with an orange touch. I'm not a fan or orange chocolate in general so I'm confused as to why I even bothered trying this one. It was okay though. 

The only thing I remember is that this is the only ice cream tita May likes. Other than that, delicious but insignificant. 

Ice cream sandwich 
Choco Pie ice cream

A fan of Choco Pie because of GD. If you can't understand that reference, it's okay!  ;) Fan girl mode ON. 

Lemon Milk flavored ice

I actually thought this would taste like sherbet but this tasted more like milk to me and not much of lemon. Also can we just look at my dry finger for a moment?

Green Tea Fondue

Delicious! Again, not a favourite but delicious! 

Cheese Stick 

This though! I enjoyed this one. It's not as cheesy as I expected it to be but thinking about it, it'll be weird to bite through what seems like a very cold block of cheese, right? So yeah, just right! 

Probably not as enthuastic as I should be but you know, this helped me survive SUMMER 2016 so yeah. Ciao 
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.