A Quickie in Harajuku

October 08, 2016

For some reason, I'm trying to venture in a new career so I'm kind of going for interviews here and there. This one was not in Harajuku but I went after the interview anyways. Mind you! This is not even "because it's on the way" kind of situation. I have to transfer twice I believe? Dedication. 

The Harajuku Station

Ancient looking station that's also a touristy spot because tourists seem to like to take pictures here. Which is inconvenient sometimes but whatevs. 

I actually thought of going to Shinjuku but I guess my feet killed me that time so I was like NVM. I don't like it in Shinjuku anyways. But you know, I should try to wander again and maybe I'd have a different opinion. People change. Yeah?

Hot Cocoa 

Hot Cocoa on a hot afternoon. It doesn't makes sense. After wandering around, I decided it's time to eat. I stopped by a place called La Pausa. It's actually like Saizeriya in a sense. 

Good Ambiance 
Potato Fry
Tuna and Spinach

I guess it's safe to say that I like Saizeriya better. It gets me. I don't know. I actually went to Harajuku for Crepes but I got creeped out by some foreigners handing out flyers. If you've been to Harajuku, you'd know the "foreigners" all over Takeshita Street. Can't a woman walk peacefully? For goodness sake! Anyways, Ciao!

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