New Hair Style

October 15, 2016

I thought it's about time to get things done professionally. After two-three DIYs that is. 

I mentioned before that I don't really like the punctuality of this salon. I booked a day earlier and I still waited for 30 minutes. 

Bellatrix Lestrange-ing 

Coming in, I showed my stylist a reference picture and I told her that I wanted a lighter and brown hair and she was like, that may not be possible right now because the red tone in my hair is still overpowering so she was like, can we just stick to the red? What can I do, right? She dyed the roots and then bleached some parts because bleaching it all will cut the end of my already damaged hair. My poor hair. 

I don't really know what this machine is for but maybe for treatment or something. Better absorption of damaging chemicals maybe? ;) 

After Salon
The Next Day

I kind of liked my hair curled. Should I consider? Well quite a long a time ago, I've been told that my hair wouldn't actually hold curls so who am I fooling? Ciao!

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