Cheap Makeup

October 24, 2016

I got these all at a shopping app called WISH. So basically, it was my Nepali friend who introduced me to this app and I was buying things from there since then. More reason not to go out of the room, right? Thankful for that time I asked her where she got her bag. It's a life saver. She was like, oh there's this app called Wish and you know, I barely go anywhere (physically) to get stuff because I get everything from there. Download it too! #tamadgoals #nowIknowwhywe'refriends

Foundation (4061 JPY -> 521 JPY)

I always match the second or on rare occasions, the third lightest shade in any beauty product but Michelle Phan said to get a shade lighter because of oxidation so yeah. This looks soo ashy in the bottle but let's hope for the best.

Concealer (833 JPY -> 105 JPY)

Also a shade lighter.

Setting Powder (938 JPY -> 313 JPY)

I know I told you I'm not a fan of setting powders in general but I'm just gonna give it a try. I feel like this is more of a shimmer powder though. But whatevs.

It's all so cheap!! Shipping is also just around 200 - 300 JPY per item so it's not a lot of damage. Download it too! Let's all be tamad shoppers together. Ciao!

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