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October 13, 2016

10/9-10/10 (2016) Home movies are generally my thing if I'm alone. If I watch it with someone, see you in dreamland my friend. Is there even science behind my condition or something? Just me? Okay. I know I may have already mentioned this before but you know, I'm not exactly a new human being every post so this situation will always happen. Anyways, I thought of rewatching all the Harry Potters but I was like, I need to pick up new life lessons at this point in time. Because we all know I can do some pretty advance magic now. Expectro Patronum!!!! (Siberian Cat appears!) See? Anyways, I was just browsing Netflix and even though these were pretty old news, these were just recently added. Up your game, dude. 

The Internship 

Internship 1
Internship 2 
Yas, Google! ;) 

Seriously doubted watching this at first because I liked Anne Hathaways's "Intern" very much but I watched it anyway. I really shouldn't judge a movie by it's lead characters. I barely watch movies with guy lead characters but yeah. Sexist. Anyways, this is a good movie to watch for those who are feeling a little lost. Career wise that is. Also, this showed Google is just but an awesome company. 

A Little Bit of Heaven


This is very light to watch. I mean, not so much drama and all that. And she got to do what she wanted (somehow). Not so much of a tear jerker but it moved me (kind of). I wish I can face death like she did. FFS she even shopped for all her friends! I don't want to see Whoopi Goldberg though. Give me Ellen Degeneres. Well 50+ years from now, hopefully. Man, that's quite a life ahead. Don't you think?

Still Alice

"Yes' mom. It's about love." 

Bless my heart. This is sad. But at the same time it shows us that this is not just a movie. There are so many Alices out there with different stories to tell.


First twenty minutes or so, I was like, this is kinda racist but I haven't been to Harlem so I wouldn't really know, right? This might be what's really happening. Oh my goodness don't even get me started with Precious. Poor soul. She was impregnated with her own father. TWICE! But at the end of it all, she decided to stand tall. Talked her toxic mother out of her life, took custody of her 2 babies, decided on finishing college. I mean, that's a good path to take. Good job. I like this movie. I don't know if I like Precious but this is a good watch.

Easy A

I feel you, girlfriend.
I have watched this twice already because I actually can't remember much from the movie except POCKETFUL OF SUNSHINE. Can I just say that this is really a mom thing? 

Exhibit A (pun intended)

Train to Busan

ENDLESS LOVE OF A FATHER. That's what this movie taught me. First, the guy in blue who sacrificed himself for his pregnant wife. I mean he doesn't look like he would do such thing because of his aura but then again in real life, not all those who look like they would do it, would. Then of course the lead father who threw himself out of the train after being infected. Wow. Although we all know that things are already out of control that time and whatever can happen but you know, let's just stick to the movie. That was very moving. I mean, it's kind of sad that he wasn't able to show his love to his daughter until it's actually too late. The "same gift" situation, him missing in her school presentation, and I'm sure a lot more so yeah. It's good that she understands but you know, in times like that, he should have left her something happy to remember. Anyways, moving nonetheless. Also, can I just commend the pregnant woman for running endlessly? And they sacrificed a lot during that whole escaping thing. If I were in that situation, I probably wouldn't bother saving people I don't know. It's like Hunger Games you know. I would have saved who I was with and probably an abandoned kid/lolo/lola. But you know, just like Mags, we know that they wouldn't make it far but it leaves you out of guilt. And that's a good enough reason to bother. I guess. So yeah. Before watching this, I was actually thinking of coming back to SoKor for Busan but then again, I guess I'll have to master what's Seoul has for me first. ;) Ciao!

Also, while I'm at it, I watched 11 out of the 13 hours of that bilibid drugtrade hearing drama. Sebastian-Co-Sy. Soooo tiring to watch because they're asking the same questions all over again and I know that's how it works so just saying. Ciao! 

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