How I Survived the Heat

October 06, 2016

Summer is now officially over. And it wasn't very easy considering how all the people at work and some others complain that it's the different kind of hot.

Wide Variety of Selection

I've always been a fan of Matcha flavored anything. I remember a time in my life when it's even my ONLY Starbucks drink. I kind of switch drinks now depending.  

I liked its waffle. Didn't taste the matcha as much as vanilla. 

Interesting ice cream! I swear when I first saw this years ago, I was like, how could I? But then it's one of those ice creams that melts rather easily so with a few push, and uncessful zips, you'll be good. 

Not really a fan of complicated tasting ice creams. This one I'm not a fan of. Not because it's complicated-tasting but because of the fake banana flavor. Man, I hate banana flavored anything. Except perhaps the flavor of the real banana. 


But it's too sweet even for my liking. It has red bean paste underneath and I feel like I only like red beans when it's in my Halo-Halo. Sometimes Tepanyaki too but not my first choice. Not over custard, no. 

Colorful bliss

I liked this one. I'm not a fan of sprinkles so I thought I wouldn't like but it has a very mild flavor. Thumbs up.

This reminds me of that Buko Salad Ice Cream my mom used to buy from the neighborhood. Very close. But you know, for 108 yen, we can probably buy 3-4 of those. Rule number 1, don't convert. 

semi-soft serve ice cream
chocolate coated vanilla ice cream

This one is chocolate coated vanilla ice cream with an orange touch. I'm not a fan or orange chocolate in general so I'm confused as to why I even bothered trying this one. It was okay though. 

The only thing I remember is that this is the only ice cream tita May likes. Other than that, delicious but insignificant. 

Ice cream sandwich 
Choco Pie ice cream

A fan of Choco Pie because of GD. If you can't understand that reference, it's okay!  ;) Fan girl mode ON. 

Lemon Milk flavored ice

I actually thought this would taste like sherbet but this tasted more like milk to me and not much of lemon. Also can we just look at my dry finger for a moment?

Green Tea Fondue

Delicious! Again, not a favourite but delicious! 

Cheese Stick 

This though! I enjoyed this one. It's not as cheesy as I expected it to be but thinking about it, it'll be weird to bite through what seems like a very cold block of cheese, right? So yeah, just right! 

Probably not as enthuastic as I should be but you know, this helped me survive SUMMER 2016 so yeah. Ciao 

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