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First Snow in 54 Years

Snow Selfie
The first November snow in 54 years. It happened November 24th this year. Like, wait, calm down Snow Fairies. 

Although anticipated, I didn't think it would snow full blast. I kind of thought it was just gonna rain like it does most of the time when my weather app tells me it's gonna snow. 
Sagamihara Station Murphy's Law
Like seriously though. When I bring my bike to the station, something would come up. Like, the other day, there was an accident at my station and we stopped one station before mine and on normal circumstances, it's okay because I kind of live in between stations so I can just walk from there but since I have my bike parked at Sagamihara, it's a bit of trouble walking from there to the station and back to my home. I was worried. Thank goodness problems were resolved shortly. So yeah other times it would rain and stuff and yeah last time, snow. 
Base Finding Earphones
Here's the story. I was looking for my earphones because I'm …

Proper Fall Post of 2016

Fall 2016
This is gonna be more of a picture post because you know, don't really have anything to say except I like fall!!! gorgeous color 

One thing I consistently hate about fall is the rain though. Not cute! 
Fall reminds me how beautiful it is to let go. Let go of the memories of the year and to start again. Or you know, if it's worth remembering, there's always The Pensieve to store them. 
I didn't go to many places to see the trees, autumn leaves and all that. Although I really wish I did. I know how annoying it can be that I really say that all the time and I know this is lame excuse but I will try harder next year.  hang on there sunshine
So there's that. We're almost ready for winter aren't we? I guess Illumination posts are coming up! Well, hopefully. LOL. Ciao!

Taking Over Harajuku 11.7.16

lips darker than my soul 
Harajuku. For some reason, it's growing on me. I remember just being neutral about it. I kind of like it now. Also, I don't really have much choice but to like it. This was when I had the job interview for my now part-time job in Harajuku. All went well obvi. 
Harajuku Life Harajuku Street The cute clock 
I made sure to go around since I don't have work that night. And I know that I would just come and go for work there so yeah I grabbed the chance to roam around. It's weird! I feel like myself again going to places. 
 Yup! Harajuku is all about fashion and crepes. I was hesitant to buy crepe because I was planning to have a proper lunch but since it's Harajuku, I just can't pass on the hype. 
Blueberry Cream Cheese
Seriously, why do I look like the world turned its back on me? Well maybe because it did. Kidding!!  Fall's perfect color going in Meiji Shrine
sake barrels 
wine barrels

During that time, they had this f…

2NE1 no more.

Originally four. I don't think I've shared my favorite member to anyone but it's actually CL. It was Dara at first but meh. I just think CL brought so much energy to the group. Funny because I didn't like CL for like 5 years or so. Anyways. From Trio to ZERO. When Minzy left, I was like, meh, okay. But you know, I never have imagined that this day would come. It's so sad! I would have been happy to see the three remaining girls soar/perform and all that. For some reason, I feel like they wouldn't be around anymore. I hope that's not the case. I feel kind of bad for each of them to be honest. I feel like they're better together. But I sure hope for the best. 
Long before your new K-pop idols, there was already 2NE1. Senpai of K-pop. Like, this group got me hooked! We're talking about 2008 here when I was kind of new to this business. I swear if this would happen to Big Bang anytime soon, I'm gonna lose it. Maybe not. But still! This is sad news. I…

Thrift Shop Haul!

cute bears from Disney Sea 
Hola! I just want to share the stuff that I got from the thrift store. I always go to this place and just look around. I particularly like the vintage section they have there. Although it kinda feels strange there. Anyways. I don't usually get stuff from there but when I do, usually stuff I don't need. MUCH. Half true.
bags shoes colorful flowers outside the store Treasure Factory Sagamihara beach shoes
I got this for 2990 yen. It's cute, aye? I can imagine this goes well with a flowy dress or like a maxi skirt something. Very summer looking. Looks sturdy as well so that's always a plus. 

Cat dress. I got this for 980 yen. I don't always wear dress but I wish I could! Goodbye mix and match thank you very much. But dress is actually too dressy for  work and I work almost everyday so yeah there's that. 
For summer! I also got this for 980 yen. Also very nice, right? Might wear this to the beach together with the shoes. 

This one…

Quickie in Yokohama

Went to Yokohama to meet someone of great importance career wise. Basically, we met at a cafe and hear this, I was basically about 3-5 minutes late to my previous important meetings but I am like 30 minutes early to this one. Someone's learned her lesson. Applause, everyone! 

I don't actually remember being in this part of the city. My dad is actually from here and I remember being in Yokohama quite a lot during my younger years. But not particularly in this one so it felt kind of refreshing in a sense. 
Random Park

Nissan. Relevant because my bestfriend is named Nissan. Also because this is somehow close to my family as well. Papa worked for this company for as long as I can remember and that time they have some important people talking about something. I actually had the meeting at Starbucks in that building. It all went well so I'm glad but it's just not something I can do as of the moment. 
Hot Coffee

Christmas Already

Clouds will always be my fa…
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