2NE1 no more.

November 25, 2016

Originally four. I don't think I've shared my favorite member to anyone but it's actually CL. It was Dara at first but meh. I just think CL brought so much energy to the group. Funny because I didn't like CL for like 5 years or so. Anyways. From Trio to ZERO. When Minzy left, I was like, meh, okay. But you know, I never have imagined that this day would come. It's so sad! I would have been happy to see the three remaining girls soar/perform and all that. For some reason, I feel like they wouldn't be around anymore. I hope that's not the case. I feel kind of bad for each of them to be honest. I feel like they're better together. But I sure hope for the best. 

Long before your new K-pop idols, there was already 2NE1. Senpai of K-pop. Like, this group got me hooked! We're talking about 2008 here when I was kind of new to this business. I swear if this would happen to Big Bang anytime soon, I'm gonna lose it. Maybe not. But still! This is sad news. I cannot! Ciao! 

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  1. 2NE1 is one of my fav girl groups. their talents are just A+. so sad that they're disbanding.