Thrift Shop Haul!

November 23, 2016

cute bears from Disney Sea 

Hola! I just want to share the stuff that I got from the thrift store. I always go to this place and just look around. I particularly like the vintage section they have there. Although it kinda feels strange there. Anyways. I don't usually get stuff from there but when I do, usually stuff I don't need. MUCH. Half true.

colorful flowers outside the store
Treasure Factory Sagamihara
beach shoes

I got this for 2990 yen. It's cute, aye? I can imagine this goes well with a flowy dress or like a maxi skirt something. Very summer looking. Looks sturdy as well so that's always a plus. 

Cat dress. I got this for 980 yen. I don't always wear dress but I wish I could! Goodbye mix and match thank you very much. But dress is actually too dressy for  work and I work almost everyday so yeah there's that. 


For summer! I also got this for 980 yen. Also very nice, right? Might wear this to the beach together with the shoes. 

This one is only for 790 yen I believe. I mean, it's really cute!! And something I can use right now, aye? So that's about it. I hope you were enlightened or touched by my emotional post. LOL. NOT. Ciao! 

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