Taking Over Harajuku 11.7.16

November 27, 2016

lips darker than my soul 

Harajuku. For some reason, it's growing on me. I remember just being neutral about it. I kind of like it now. Also, I don't really have much choice but to like it. This was when I had the job interview for my now part-time job in Harajuku. All went well obvi. 

Harajuku Life
Harajuku Street
The cute clock 

I made sure to go around since I don't have work that night. And I know that I would just come and go for work there so yeah I grabbed the chance to roam around. It's weird! I feel like myself again going to places. 


 Yup! Harajuku is all about fashion and crepes. I was hesitant to buy crepe because I was planning to have a proper lunch but since it's Harajuku, I just can't pass on the hype. 

Blueberry Cream Cheese

Seriously, why do I look like the world turned its back on me? Well maybe because it did. Kidding!! 
Fall's perfect color
going in Meiji Shrine
sake barrels 

wine barrels

During that time, they had this flower arrangement display going on. Quite interesting. 

I'm not actually big on going to places for prayers but that time, I really felt like going and so I did. This place is more of a tourist spot than a quiet place for prayers but I guess I was able to do my thing. 

Meiji Shrine
Selfie 2.0
Japanese Flag

I was still full during this time so I just had Takoyaki. My favorite food!!!!! If I haven't mentioned already. I should totally move to Kansai. All the things that I love. 

how it's done

I had fun! Also, glad I took time to explore a little bit. I probably wouldn't see Harajuku the same because of work but whatevs. Ciao!

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