Proper Fall Post of 2016

November 28, 2016

Fall 2016

This is gonna be more of a picture post because you know, don't really have anything to say except I like fall!!!
gorgeous color 

One thing I consistently hate about fall is the rain though. Not cute! 

Fall reminds me how beautiful it is to let go. Let go of the memories of the year and to start again. Or you know, if it's worth remembering, there's always The Pensieve to store them. 

I didn't go to many places to see the trees, autumn leaves and all that. Although I really wish I did. I know how annoying it can be that I really say that all the time and I know this is lame excuse but I will try harder next year. 
hang on there sunshine

So there's that. We're almost ready for winter aren't we? I guess Illumination posts are coming up! Well, hopefully. LOL. Ciao!

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