Why I Bought the iPhone 7 Plus

November 10, 2016

The Bigger the Better. This blog is full of innuendos, I know. But it's soo appropriate, right? Yup.

I know this is not the most practical thing to do at this point but if you know me, you'd know that there are only three NEW things that keeps me going. Newly acquired knowledge, new adventure, and new phone. Well the later being a gulty pleasure but whatever. Even though I've said a million times that "this is gonna be my last phone." I just can't stop. Guilty as charged. Also, because I have sisters who I'd like to give new phones to. But more of I want it for myself too.

Too bad though, I can't get exactly what I want at this point. I really wanted a Jet Black phone but I've talked to their customer representative and I'm just so confident to quote her because it can't be missed. "Rose Gold, you can get pretty easily. Black you can get early or mid-November and Jet Black, we have no idea when." And then she was like, "You have an iPhone 6s so I think you can still wait for the Jet Black to come." That's when you're wrong sister. I then cancelled my jet black yoyaku right away and re-ordered Rose Gold. It took me two weeks to get this phone even. Right away your face. But I don't regret it. I was actually hesitant to get the Jet Black at first because there's just not too much option for my type of covers. Also, my iPhone 4 was jet black and I don't remember liking it for it's color alone so whatever. And yes, I was already shopping for cases before I even finalized my decision. So maybe that was a sign. So yay.

I actually was not that impressed with this phone. The camera is one thing and Suica is another. Down side of Suica though is once transferred, the plastic card will be considered useless. So you know, what if you don't have a battery and you have to ride the train, right? Meh. Camera I am yet to explore but since I am into blogging, I think it will be very useful. Also another, I have been contemplating whether or not I like my iPhone 6plus or 6s better so yeah. They should have an iPhone in between those sizes. Or wag nalang. Gastos na naman yan. Hahaha. This will be my last phone na talaga. Or just after the contract. Giatay kudasai. Ciao!

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