Quickie in Yokohama

November 15, 2016

Went to Yokohama to meet someone of great importance career wise. Basically, we met at a cafe and hear this, I was basically about 3-5 minutes late to my previous important meetings but I am like 30 minutes early to this one. Someone's learned her lesson. Applause, everyone! 

I don't actually remember being in this part of the city. My dad is actually from here and I remember being in Yokohama quite a lot during my younger years. But not particularly in this one so it felt kind of refreshing in a sense. 


Random Park

Nissan. Relevant because my bestfriend is named Nissan. Also because this is somehow close to my family as well. Papa worked for this company for as long as I can remember and that time they have some important people talking about something. I actually had the meeting at Starbucks in that building. It all went well so I'm glad but it's just not something I can do as of the moment. 

Hot Coffee


Christmas Already

Clouds will always be my favorite thing. Sunsets as well. 


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