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Attending a Brazilian Party

I have a friend who's Brazilian and I attended her baby's 3rd Birthday party and it was awesome!! I mean, I only stayed there for like 15 minutes for real but for that little bit, I was really happy. The only thing that mattered is when they speak, I don't get what they're saying. MOST OF THE TIME. But I don't mind. Her baby is so cute!!! I want to keep him with me. Also very sweet because he kissed me before I go. Ahhh!!!! And tell you his dimples? To die for!! 

Managed to snap a photo even though I literally have only a minute left to spare because I have work to attend to but it's all worth it because you know. This post would probably be boring of not for the pictures ;). Thanks Gabi for the pictures! What happened was, I missed the train three times (because I'm stupid) and I thought I wouldn't be able to go but I was kind of hesitant not to go because I already promised to so even though I don't have much time left, I rushed to the place and …

FIRST for the first time.

I hope it's for the iPhone 6. But Shiz is expensive. Kind of. Anyways. 

You see friends, I'm not always first. In fact, I'm rarely first at anything. But look oh look! When I was about to go home from work, I was first! Well no one was around so I assumed I was first but who knows? 

This thing rarely happens. Like, on a normal day this station rarely gets that crowded per se but then it's like rare to have no one around so yay! I was actually really excited that this happened so I thought I'd share it with you. Also, I'm a shallow person. 

Sunrise. It's just beautiful. It's been busy at work last few weeks and I actually don't see the sun rise at all so now that it's way less busy than we were, I at least get to celebrate this thing. Sunrise is my new sunset now. Like, it marks my day off. Either way I love them both turn of events. 

Just a side note, it's really starting to get a little chilly over here. I don't see dramatic fall chang…

Three-leaf Clover

There are certain things that I'm very lucky about. But I'm not gonna talk about it all. One is that when all these things happened, is that I am in Japan. Because hey, life is probably too short for second chances. This is in chronological order by the way. Not that it really matters. 
First, when I finished shopping for goodies, I returned to my room and spent like a couple minutes wondering nothings when it hit me. There's something missing. Then I looked for it. Where is my wallet? I was then certain that it was not with me and I was definitely dead. Cash cards, credit cards, and some cash. But most of all! My PRC license which in no way I can replace so soon now that I am away from my mother land. I remember leaving it in my bike basket and since I was that unlucky (oh not really) I even parked it in front of the mansion where it's kinda public because I would be getting out again soon. Sweet! I then hurried down and than goodness! It was still there. 
Second, th…

Official Bachelorette!

A lot have already happened in my stay here in Japan. Like, seriously. Some are soooo unexpected while some I knew would happen but then again not so soon as it did. One of those things is me moving on my own. 

We do have a home of our own and stuff but then renting my own place is what I ended up doing. It seems like it's not practical because moving on your own means paying for the rent and utilities (also cleaning meh) but it does give me a lot of responsibilities as an adult so I kind of like it. 

It's been lovely staying with my Tita and I'm really thankful for all the things she have done to me and stuff so yeah I was actually quite sad to leave but then you know! Things happen. 

I think I am lucky to be able to find a mansion near a train station for quite a reasonable price. And it has INTERNET! What?!? It's that LAN thing but it's internet nonetheless. 

It's a small space but then what I need for a space is just something to sleep on so yeah! Win-win!…

Hashimoto Adventure!

This is actually random but when I searched for a GAP store nearby, I realized that there's one near where I used to work and so I went. I thought since I know I would be spending quite a bit of my excess money, I wouldn't waste it on train fare. Instead, I would just go by my bike. I actually didn't know where that GAP store is lcoated until I went. So lucky that this happened when the data thing was just reset and so I get a fairly fast connection. 

I was legitly scared though but hey I mean, it's near and nothing can possibly go wrong, right? WRONG. Let's also celebrate my falling fake eyelashes for a while. Okay, next!

I don't know but for some reason, my bag has always been a mess. I know I'm a pretty messy person but you know, I fix them once in a while but they keep messing up itself again. Like, can you just all stay there for a second, bag tenants?

So yeah obviously I was able to make it alive. Good thing my memory didn't fail me and yeah I wo…

First Work in Japan

Unlike my work as a professional in the Philippines, work here in Japan is kind of rough. And not that nice but if you work to live, you'd probably "live" and would love to work in Japan since it's really rewarding. Maybe like 4 or 5 times as much. Depending on the situation. 

Anyways, I want to forget all the things that happened but I'm gonna tell you what happened to that first work place of mine anyways. I worked for 2 months there. Exactly 2 months if I may add. I started May 14 and ended July 14. It was a pleasant experience in general but not so pleasant on a daily basis. There are just so many things to hate about that place but thinking about it now, it probably just consumed me but even then, I didn't actually hate my work. Now, whut?? LOL.

There are quite a lot of things that I love about that place. I have made a lot of friends whom I would really treasure for sure. Second is that there's a place to sleep so whenever I feel tired, I could jus…

By the Unknown River

I sat down and wept.

I always knew our house in Sagamihara is near a river and I remember going there probably thrice my lifetime. Since I wasn't really doing anything yet, I tried to figure out how to get to the river and man it was a struggle! Like, it was real! There's nothing more frustrating than knowing you're in the right track but still can't find the right direction. The reason I know I'm doing it right is because I can actually hear the water flow and it was even more frustrating because it was darn loud and I was like, can I just go in the pipe and let the water take me there? I was actually even trying to LINE with my mom asking her for directions. Like, as if. Oh well that happened. She was like, TRY TO REMEMBER! Okay, like, I have no idea where I'm going but I'm going anyways. Hahaha ALWAYS! 

At the end of the day, I was able to find the place and was able to take a stroll so yay for me, right? From afar, there's also a motorcycle park whi…

Celebrating Nature at Sagamihara Park

Okay so this is what happened. I think it was my second day or like my third day in Japan when I decided to visit my favorite place in my city. The PARK. If you're from my previous blog, you may have noticed that I have talked about this place quite a lot. Anyways.
I only stayed at our house for quite a few days so even though it rained, I still went! Sacrifices! It's just that from where I stayed that time, I really have no idea how to go to the park and stuff. Also, can  I just remind you that at this point in time, dad already scrapped my old bike and so I walked. I swear I sensed people looking at me with my umbrella on. Oh well.

Should have seated and got my picture taken. Oh well living the forever alone life for quite a while I guess. DIY until you can make it. 

Obsessed with the flowers! Going to this place calms my spirit. I guess you have to be in a good mood when you go here because if you're feeling down, I can see this place to actually make you feel more dow…

Cherry Blossoms!

I thought I'd share with you pictures from my Sakura sight seeing very near our house. Before leaving the Philippines, I kind of made sure I'd be in Japan at around this time so I wouldn't waste my hard-earned plane ticket's value when I arrive and holy cow. Holy cow indeed! Voila! It sucked though that nobody's there to take me pictures so I really had to pull a D.I.Y. right there and then.

Tell you I really really like this place. I used to pick blackberries here before. I also used to walk with my grandmother here and we would just like be awesome together. I would also ride my bike here and just imagine crazy things. 

Anyways, I think I was able to capture decent amount of good (assuming!) pictures to share so here they are! 
I actually have quite a lot of selfies but then I have a lot of face monsters so let's just forget about it now. LOL. Also, I realized that they all look the same anyways. And it does not help that I don't have anyone to take good…

Leaving for Japan

Just like many others, I'm one of those folks who really wanted to leave the Philippines. And left! Not because I have something against the Philippines or something. Just because I have no choice. First of, I'm a  now Japanese National and I guess it's time for me to go back where I belong (nah). All papers and documents aside, I actually love the Philippines. It's where my heart is! Second to my list of why I wanted to leave is related to money. It's not too bad actually! But let's face it, for 6 months, I worked as a Medical Technilogist and as much as I'm concern, it didn't give me much. It rewarded me with an awesome experience though. Also some cash to renew my passport, buy myself a plane ticket, buy make-up, rubbing alcohol, and Lysol every now and then, give few of my relatives a little bit, save some for myself, eat out with friends and family, and save more for myself. Which is not a lot. To be honest, that's all I remember doing with my…
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