Attending a Brazilian Party

September 25, 2014

I have a friend who's Brazilian and I attended her baby's 3rd Birthday party and it was awesome!! I mean, I only stayed there for like 15 minutes for real but for that little bit, I was really happy. The only thing that mattered is when they speak, I don't get what they're saying. MOST OF THE TIME. But I don't mind. Her baby is so cute!!! I want to keep him with me. Also very sweet because he kissed me before I go. Ahhh!!!! And tell you his dimples? To die for!! 

Managed to snap a photo even though I literally have only a minute left to spare because I have work to attend to but it's all worth it because you know. This post would probably be boring of not for the pictures ;). Thanks Gabi for the pictures! What happened was, I missed the train three times (because I'm stupid) and I thought I wouldn't be able to go but I was kind of hesitant not to go because I already promised to so even though I don't have much time left, I rushed to the place and voila! Winner! 

I actually tried to search for Anpanman stuff for the little guy because I browsed pictures and had a hint that he likes it but I wasn't able to get any so I got him a Buzz Lightyear stuff instead. Not even close hahaha. 

Yeah so it's actually the first party I attended here in Japan for a long time so I was really excited! I hope I stayed longer though but yeah I can't. 

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