Three-leaf Clover

by - September 13, 2014

There are certain things that I'm very lucky about. But I'm not gonna talk about it all. One is that when all these things happened, is that I am in Japan. Because hey, life is probably too short for second chances. This is in chronological order by the way. Not that it really matters. 

First, when I finished shopping for goodies, I returned to my room and spent like a couple minutes wondering nothings when it hit me. There's something missing. Then I looked for it. Where is my wallet? I was then certain that it was not with me and I was definitely dead. Cash cards, credit cards, and some cash. But most of all! My PRC license which in no way I can replace so soon now that I am away from my mother land. I remember leaving it in my bike basket and since I was that unlucky (oh not really) I even parked it in front of the mansion where it's kinda public because I would be getting out again soon. Sweet! I then hurried down and than goodness! It was still there. 

Second, this happened on the same day by the way. I went to the train station's shopping place to get more stuff and parked my bike at its proper parking place and when I was checking some stuff, I heard something fell. Then mothereffer, I realized I don't have my key. I have a spare key at home which lessens any worries of my key losing but then I was like, if I lose this, I have just one more left and no spare! Which sucks. Anyways, I know I looked crazy looking everywhere like under everything and making rounds probably at least three times before I call it a day and then just to check, I went to the parking and saw the key still in there! LOL. Stupid. 

Third and the last. I buy my e-Ticket every month because it cuts off the cost of actual buying tickets everyday into half! Almost! So I bought my ticket shortly after my last ticket expired and then on my way to work, I was able to exit Sagamihara so I know I still have it that time and I was actually careful that I placed it on its card holder and stuff and then when I was about to enter Nakayama, no more card!! Searched literally everywhere to find it but no luck in finding the thing so I was like, hopeless!! As much as I want to look for it longer, I have work to attend to so no. I reported it to authority and carried on. They said they would call whenever there's anything. Two days later, no call so I thought I'd just move on. When I was about to buy a new ticket though, the guy was like thinking hard about something and he didn't even excuse himself and left. I didn't mind though because I know that it might have something to do with my ticket and it did! Apparently, someone surrendered my ticket at Shin Yokohama and he asked me if I could pick it up and yeah I did pick it up and voila! Reunited with my ticket. I wouldn't probably panick if it's less than 3000 yen but then yeah. That's all!

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