FIRST for the first time.

September 24, 2014

I hope it's for the iPhone 6. But Shiz is expensive. Kind of. Anyways. 

You see friends, I'm not always first. In fact, I'm rarely first at anything. But look oh look! When I was about to go home from work, I was first! Well no one was around so I assumed I was first but who knows? 

This thing rarely happens. Like, on a normal day this station rarely gets that crowded per se but then it's like rare to have no one around so yay! I was actually really excited that this happened so I thought I'd share it with you. Also, I'm a shallow person. 

Sunrise. It's just beautiful. It's been busy at work last few weeks and I actually don't see the sun rise at all so now that it's way less busy than we were, I at least get to celebrate this thing. Sunrise is my new sunset now. Like, it marks my day off. Either way I love them both turn of events. 

Just a side note, it's really starting to get a little chilly over here. I don't see dramatic fall changes such as "falling leaves" nor pretty colors of the trees yet but I'm guessing I would be obsessing with them pretty soon. 

Ain't this pretty? I really love the view from my place. Like, without the pulley thing, PERFECT!! Gorgeous blend of colors! 

I love how dramatic the beams kind of made this seem like I used a filter but you know, I didn't. Anyways, I also actually tried to take pictures with the actual thing but then it just wouldn't happen. Like, it's either you see the sunrise or you see me. Not both. Na uh not happening. Hahaha I hope you all are having a fantastic time. That's all for this update. See yah!!

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