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September 13, 2014

A lot have already happened in my stay here in Japan. Like, seriously. Some are soooo unexpected while some I knew would happen but then again not so soon as it did. One of those things is me moving on my own. 

We do have a home of our own and stuff but then renting my own place is what I ended up doing. It seems like it's not practical because moving on your own means paying for the rent and utilities (also cleaning meh) but it does give me a lot of responsibilities as an adult so I kind of like it. 

It's been lovely staying with my Tita and I'm really thankful for all the things she have done to me and stuff so yeah I was actually quite sad to leave but then you know! Things happen. 

I think I am lucky to be able to find a mansion near a train station for quite a reasonable price. And it has INTERNET! What?!? It's that LAN thing but it's internet nonetheless. 

all of my things

It's a small space but then what I need for a space is just something to sleep on so yeah! Win-win! 

Can I just say that the view at night is priceless! Being on night shift doesn't always guarantee me seeing this every night but then when I do, dang! 

That's all about it. If you want to move, I suggest you do so because it feels really good to be able to be able to move freely and stuff so yeah. 

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