Cherry Blossoms!

September 09, 2014

I thought I'd share with you pictures from my Sakura sight seeing very near our house. Before leaving the Philippines, I kind of made sure I'd be in Japan at around this time so I wouldn't waste my hard-earned plane ticket's value when I arrive and holy cow. Holy cow indeed! Voila! It sucked though that nobody's there to take me pictures so I really had to pull a D.I.Y. right there and then.

Tell you I really really like this place. I used to pick blackberries here before. I also used to walk with my grandmother here and we would just like be awesome together. I would also ride my bike here and just imagine crazy things. 

loves it

Anyways, I think I was able to capture decent amount of good (assuming!) pictures to share so here they are! 

cherry cherry boom boom
can't not take a selfie
I actually have quite a lot of selfies but then I have a lot of face monsters so let's just forget about it now. LOL. Also, I realized that they all look the same anyways. And it does not help that I don't have anyone to take good pictures with me. Life. 

That's about it guys. I hope you all kept up with my pictures from memory lane! I'll make sure to keep this blog updated so look forward to this coming Spring for you will see this kind of post again! 

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