Hashimoto Adventure!

September 12, 2014

This is actually random but when I searched for a GAP store nearby, I realized that there's one near where I used to work and so I went. I thought since I know I would be spending quite a bit of my excess money, I wouldn't waste it on train fare. Instead, I would just go by my bike. I actually didn't know where that GAP store is lcoated until I went. So lucky that this happened when the data thing was just reset and so I get a fairly fast connection. 

I was legitly scared though but hey I mean, it's near and nothing can possibly go wrong, right? WRONG. Let's also celebrate my falling fake eyelashes for a while. Okay, next!

I don't know but for some reason, my bag has always been a mess. I know I'm a pretty messy person but you know, I fix them once in a while but they keep messing up itself again. Like, can you just all stay there for a second, bag tenants?

So yeah obviously I was able to make it alive. Good thing my memory didn't fail me and yeah I would definitely try it again next time! I'm actually thinking Machida, Tokyo! There's like a mall of like outlet stores in that area so yeah really looking forward going there and also because it's kinda near since it's approximately 10 minutes away by train so maybe around an hour away by bike. I don't know.

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