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UST Paskuhan 2017 | King of Kings

Paskuhan 2017, btches! Can I just point out to everyone that I think I’m getting a little bit old for this sht but anyways. Also, red face. Deal with it. The rampa must go on! 
Claim It!
But you know, the PUDRA wants the sister to go to La Salle instead of UST which I don’t have anything against but ya know! I guess I’d be happier if she goes to UST too. I’m just saying. 
Imbued with Unending Grace Thomasian
Illumination is real! I’m not sure if my standards got higher from all the illuminations I’ve been going to but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen UST lights better before. Actually I’m not sure. Hear me. If you’re currently studying in UST and let’s say you’re from class. You’ll definitely see this lights differently for sure. I hear you! 
We actually arrived 7-ish because of this imbyerna Tricycle Driver. Anyways, when we arrived, Silent Sanctuary was already playing so I was like, what is this sorcery? Good job, UST though for being able to keep up with the schedule. I’ve heard w…

Sponge Cola XMAS Party

Yas. Was actually supposed to go with 2 other people but then again, things happen but fortunately my sister came to rescue and she was the only one I went with. 
twinning The Band
Not that you’re asking but I’m gonna tell anyways. I’ve been a fan of the band since 3rd Year High School! It’s actually crazy how I became a fan. I actually dreamt of someone and for some reason, I concluded that the guy was the lead singer of the band so being the stalker that I am, all the fan girling happened. I’ve been a fan for 10 years! Gahd. 
Food Coma
Man in my dream. Literally. Also, my chin became red all of a sudden. The allergy is REALS. That’s all! :)

My Z-LASIK SURGERY experience

So, just a day after I arrived, my mom and I went to Shinagawa LASIK center in Makati. I actually talked to one of their agents two weeks ahead so more or less, I already know what to expect and all that. In the morning, I underwent comprehensive check-up where they tested my eyes for almost 4-5 hours (on and off). This will also determine if I’m qualified or not. The guy who tested me was pretty new so he had to repeat things, ask around and stuff. I didn’t really mind all the procedures done though because girl, better safe than sorry. Repeat all you want, sir! I just hate the part where he asked me to “just try” and he was like “just guess” like, dude! NOPE. Of course I was like, “can’t really see it”. What if I guessed right diba. Ayaw ko nga.

So they dropped all the thing and stuff, right? The doctor then concluded I’m qualified for the procedure. So my right eye is at 250 and my left is 150 with nearsightedness and a little bit of astigmatism. Darn college. The Z-LASIK surgery i…

Home for Christmas!

As you all know, I may have missed my flight but your girl’s home for Christmas!! So with that being said, MERRY CHRISTMAS Y’ALL! That Nativity thing going on welcomed me at the airport. Actually it’s my sister and mom who welcomed me but you get the point! :D 

I don’t really have much to say but you know, this giant Christmas Tree at Makati is legit! 

We went to Sto.Domingo church this morning to hear the Christmas mass. It was nice. It was my first time in two years time to hear the mass again. The whole thing was very eye opening. The homily was great. Although I’m still not converted to going to Church regularly because heaven bless my soul I can’t help but notice all the wrong in people (AKA people not listening to the sermon). I will save my rant for some other day because it’s Christmas but expect it in the near/far future. 
You know, I am not religious at all but seeing this makes me want to go to thd Holy Land. I just want to see. I want to go where they all went. I…

Ebisu Illumination 2017

Ebisu. I’ve been to Ebisu before of course. It’s two stations away from my work in Tokyo and I always feel like I don’t have time so I always go to nearby places. Very convenient though because I work in Tokyo. Lucky if you may.
the Christmas Tree that I missed in 2016 Ebisu  magical

What I missed last year was the Christmas Tree. It’s still fine but it made me realize that ones absence may feel okay but it’s better when it’s complete. Saveh!!

Also!!! They had this choir thing going on when I went and man, I stood there in the freezing cold and watched aaaaallllllll the performances. It was worth it though for sure!!! Okay one of the reasons I completed the choir was because they really lifted my spirit. But also because if I won’t, I wouldn’t be able to go near the chandelier. Charot! The Chandelier, has one light bulb added to it from the last time I went so that’s nice. I mean, not that I noticed. Haha
Yas. I may have said this before but you know, I’m really lookin…

Shibuya Illumination 2017

As usual, I didn't expect much from Shibuya because of what I witnessed last year. I don't know if I shared with you the photo but it was this sad green lights put on the tree same as above so yeah. This year showed a little improvement so let's give Shibuya that.

This year's team is HELLO KITTY. Okay first of all, I have absolutely no idea why the tourist information bus' character is Kitty because you know, Sanrio isn't anywhere near and stuff. ALSO! Why can't they just use Hachiko's face? It's SHIBUYA after all. Okay. 

But you know, who am I to tell Shibuya what to do, aye? Anyways this Hello Kitty thing. I can't. You all know how I love Shibuya and its wonders but Shibuya is not ready for it yet. 

Maybe because Shibuya doesn't have a lot of places to do this kind of displays but yeah. I'm not saying that this is not good. It's good! I just hope there's more of this. I think. The ribbon is cute! I think big ribbon ornaments l…
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