Akihabara Illumination 2017

December 05, 2017


I think I have mentioned before that I don’t really have a business to do in Akihabara which have not changed yet as of this writing but ya know you gotta go where you gotta go! I actually went to buy a laptop and I knew they have a mini illumination thingy going on and so yeah! It was cute. 

They have this illumination thing going on very near the station. It was actually the first kick of this year’s illumination post so I was really very excited. 


Akihabara has its charm. I probably just haven’t discovered it yet. I mean, most people I ask usually say it’s their fave spot in Tokyo. How wrong they can be, right?

Surprisingly, this is my favorite thing in the whole set-up. It’s very simple but I like it. 

mini trees

This Christmas Tree shaped structure seems to be the highlight of the illumination. It did not disappoint. 

It’s not extravagant whatnot but it’s something. It’s actually just outside of a big building there and with all the stress from work, I bet it’s nice to pack-up and see something like this. 


There are more colors of course. It’s for you to see though! See you! Bye~

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  1. This is so beautiful and festive, thanks for sharing. I love that Christmas tree structure it looks super cool xxx