My Z-LASIK SURGERY experience

December 26, 2017

So, just a day after I arrived, my mom and I went to Shinagawa LASIK center in Makati. I actually talked to one of their agents two weeks ahead so more or less, I already know what to expect and all that. In the morning, I underwent comprehensive check-up where they tested my eyes for almost 4-5 hours (on and off). This will also determine if I’m qualified or not. The guy who tested me was pretty new so he had to repeat things, ask around and stuff. I didn’t really mind all the procedures done though because girl, better safe than sorry. Repeat all you want, sir! I just hate the part where he asked me to “just try” and he was like “just guess” like, dude! NOPE. Of course I was like, “can’t really see it”. What if I guessed right diba. Ayaw ko nga.

So they dropped all the thing and stuff, right? The doctor then concluded I’m qualified for the procedure. So my right eye is at 250 and my left is 150 with nearsightedness and a little bit of astigmatism. Darn college. The Z-LASIK surgery itself took place at exactly 6:15 in the evening and we were already done at exactly 6:30. Pretty quick! Considering what happened. They started with my right eye with no problem. The doctor had a hard time with my left eye though. He had to re-try for more than five times. He even had to call the supervisor for it and it was the supervisor who did my left eye. In fairness, it was a pretty painless procedure (for a hot minute).  The first check up was actually right after the procedure. Doctor said they might have had a difficulty but all is well. Then this is where reality kicks in. IT WAS HELLA PAINFUL AFTER AN HOUR! Like, can’t open my eyes at all!!!! I was continuously tearing! Like, for reals. The struggle was real my friends. My mom had to guide me out of the building like I’m a blind person. PLUS THE PAIN. It’s like facial wash (with salicylic acid) going in your wide opened eyes and you can’t do anything about it. My left eye hurt so so so worst than the right so I guess that difficulty mattered. 


No pain at all the second day though! They actually provided two tablets of mefenamic acid which really helped with the pain. I had to wear the glasses to protect my eyes from everything. I had to go back the next day because the nurse said that it’s the most important check up of them all. The Z-LASIK package already contains free check up for 3 years and it also contained the after care drops. All in as they would say. 

Waiting for my turn. 

Doctor’s instruction was to stop the steroids but continue with the Hialin. Don’t copy this from me, okay? We might have different prescriptions and all that. 

I also went back for my 1 week post-op check-up and thankfully all is well. Will probably check back with you after 1 month because the doctor said that for one month, my vision would go up and down before it goes steady. But you know, it’s now 12 days post-operation and I’m pretty okay. 
They also have this thing outside their clinic and your girls took advantage and took lotsa pictures. I want to thank my mom for always being there for me when it comes to my surgeries. That’s all! 

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