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December 31, 2017

Paskuhan 2017, btches! Can I just point out to everyone that I think I’m getting a little bit old for this sht but anyways. Also, red face. Deal with it. The rampa must go on! 

Claim It!

But you know, the PUDRA wants the sister to go to La Salle instead of UST which I don’t have anything against but ya know! I guess I’d be happier if she goes to UST too. I’m just saying. 

Imbued with Unending Grace

Illumination is real! I’m not sure if my standards got higher from all the illuminations I’ve been going to but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen UST lights better before. Actually I’m not sure. Hear me. If you’re currently studying in UST and let’s say you’re from class. You’ll definitely see this lights differently for sure. I hear you! 


We actually arrived 7-ish because of this imbyerna Tricycle Driver. Anyways, when we arrived, Silent Sanctuary was already playing so I was like, what is this sorcery? Good job, UST though for being able to keep up with the schedule. I’ve heard what happened to Grace Note last year so yeah. Fireworks time!!!

It actually rained!! I was like, not today Rain. Not today.


While we’re at it, can I just mention that UST Paskuhan’s theme this year is Game of Thrones which I don’t know anything about but it’s all good! 

Also, during the Firework’s Display, the rain kinda stopped so that’s nice. 

UST Fireworks, as always, never fail to amaze me. 

Main Building

This reminds me of Roppongi’s Illumination theme this year. Blue and amber. 


Even though I was there for only 4 hours, I actually enjoyed UST Paskuhan 2017. Callalily was great! That’s all! 

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