January 03, 2018

I just want to take this moment and greet everyone a very Happy New Year! As you all know I'm in the Philippines and I just thought, WHATTA great way to start the year, right? I'm with my family and nothing can beat that. Anyways, here are some pictures I want to share with y'all.

The Chinese in us. Can’t hide it. Actually, I observed that even non-Chinese people believe in this kind of thing as well. I don’t have anything against this kind of belief but I wish everyone would be more hard-working than they are right now rather than just believing in this thing. You get me? 

weapon of choice! 

Girl, we slayed the night! We live in a pretty quiet village and I think we were the loudest that night. 

Little Feast. 

In the morning, we went to Intramuros’ Manila Cathedral. It was beautiful! 

Inside The Cathedral

We then went to Robinson’s Place Manila and watched Meant To Beh. It was a little bit boring to be honest. I liked the story though. Also, ang cute ni baby!!! Tabachingching.

Ajisen Ramen which is nowhere near good. I’m sorry. I mean, the soup is okay but the noodles is off! Please do something about it. It’s expensive for it’s quality. Yun lang naman. Ciao! :) 

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