Watson’s Haul! New Makeup! 

January 18, 2018

The reason being is that I had to dispose of all my makeup because they could cause infection for my new eyes. No face powder too because it might go in my healing eyes. And yes, ladies and gentlemen, as far as it may be to the eyes, lipsticks count. Maybe. This tip is actually something I’ve read of online so don’t copy. Also, I just needed an excuse to buy makeup!

BB Cream + Concealer duo. I swear I’m almost done with the concealer. I don’t know if it’s the design that’s wasting the product or maybe there’s just not enough product in this one.  Also maybe because I have too much to conceal. Haha! The concealer is creamy and very easy to work with. The BB Cream, I’m okay with but nothing special about it.

Also something I am not a fan of. I mean, it’s okay but it’s a little runny for me. For something that promises too much, it doesn’t do much. Sorry. It's very comparable to a tinted moisturizer. 

I swear this is not a list of things I regret buying. More like, things that I don’t love but can work with list. This one, I’m also just okay with. 

Let’s just go on with the list, shall we? This doesn’t make my face matte. I sure like the dewy effect it gives my face but I’m pretty sure that can already be achieved without this product’s help. I think it's because I might have need to powder my face before spraying which I can't really do as of the moment. Also, why would I spray this if I can just powder my face, right?

Some oil for my hair. Also not impressed. But it’s probably my hair. 

This tint is not very long lasting. Works very nice as blush though! 

Too dark. Even for my soul. My mom was like, no! You can only wear those during night time. Not for day time use. And that's coming from someone who probably only own these shades of lipsticks. 

So you know...Your girl got a lighter shade. Also bought a pencil liner. Anyways, all these for under 3000 pesos. It's not cheap but I guess I can't really complain much either. I'm happy to have tried though. I might stick with it for a while.

This is my college jam. It doesn't do much but oh well it brings back memories. 

That's all!

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