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Netflix and Chill...

Netflix and Chill
 Totally signed for Netflix. Long time coming. Let me tell you a story. I have this friend who came over my place last year for movies and was like, "do you have Netflix?" And I didn't have so we ended up watching "Annabelle" at an illegal movie host. I fell asleep that time. One year later, earlier this month actually, friend came again and was like, "do you have Netflix?" Well I didn't have it yet that time either so we watched the third "Avengers" at the same illegal movie host again. Of course I fell asleep. Watching home movies with other person doesn't work for me. Watch alone, awake/fine. Watch with someone else, zzzzzzz/goodbye/dreamland/don't wake me. FACT. Anyways so I did sign up for it. It's my 3rd day to it and so far I have watched 3 old movies already. Chick flicks of course. Bachelorette, Love Again, and Bride Wars. Very chill. Although I should watch Netflix stuff. 

Imagine if my skin conditio…

Belo BB Cream

Shortly after I watched Coleen Garcia's commercial for Belo BB Cream, I was like, give me what my sister uses. Joke! And I kind of want to shrug it off nalang because I can't really do anything about it. But then my mom sent me a package thru dad and voila, didn't expect that really. Sometimes I think that my mom's brain cells are somehow connected to mine. PS: There's something appealing about its orange packaging. I didn't expect that either. 

Being the "useful" blogger that I am, I searched what this is all about. Apparently, it's about treating hyper pigmentation and making skin lighter hence the promise of tone correction. 

It's more liquidy than all other BBs that I used. Also, it has this very whippy/bouncy consistency that I can't explain. 

It also has a very light/medium coverage. If you want to achieve a flawless look, you might have to use a lot. Or it's probably just me and my problematic skin. Who uses BB creams to achiev…

The Blame is on Me

Chaneling my inner TayTay
Listening to Taylor Swift and realizing she's been through a lot makes it a little better for me. It's kind of harsh to do it that way but what can we do? It's always uplifting to know that people are going through/have been through the same misery as yours. Don't you think? I have definitely said that same statement before. I admire Taylor Swift. She's a tough one. One would say she's stupid for going through the same thing over and over again but girl, she's fine. Not that it matters but it's always just a short one anyways so I don't know her commitment to it but yeah, she's handling it okay and writing songs about it and earning millions for it. Take that! For the rest of us though, well...we get lessons I guess? And heartaches. Not for long.

I'm usually not one to do this but sometimes you just got to do it because it's what's right for the moment. If things are really meant to be, in one way or anothe…

Drug Store Haul 2

This is what I got from the drugstores. It's conveniently very near from my place so whatever I need, it's within reach. More like things I think I need. But not really. Hahaha. Talk about impulsive buying. Hahaha anyways, these are the things I got.

This pink hair color. You know, I think that there are really things that should be done by people who knows how to do it. Because I think that the more I try to fix the color of my hair, the more it gets worse. IDK. I should book a salon trip soon!! 

This Blistex lip balm. For some reason, I always lose my Burt's Bees and I thought I'd buy another. NOT. Now, I don't know which bag has my lip balms. Most likely the bag I'm not using as of the moment and when it's like time to change bags, I probably have transferred it to my current bag which I won't be using 5 minutes after. I'm weird. I probably should have one lip balm per bag but not ideal since I don't really change my bag that much. And! They…

Day in a Life 4/14/16

Random Photoshoot
Work ended very early for us so we kind of had the train by ourselves. Not really. But you get the point, right? Train was not crowded so were able to take pictures. 
Version dos 
A co-worker was showing me this beauty app that she uses and voila! Took samples for evidence. 
Free Jelly
Also, since it's on my way, it has been sort of my routine to go to Family Mart before home to buy snacks/juice and baon for night shift. Then recently, Famima has this promo that when you spend at least 700 yen, you'll have this chance to draw a card from their box and written there is your price. I got a free jelly! Kind of an expensive one actually. I probably wouldn't buy this for myself TBH. I buy this kind of jelly but not as expensive as this. This is worth 194 yen and there are lots that are about 100 yen or less so yeah. Glad this happened. 
Gloomy Day 
It rained yesterday. I don't really like the rain. Well, before, when I used to depend everything on our maid and di…

Stalk and Stalker

I don't know but if it were a serious crime, I'd probably go to jail for it. I mean stalking someone in real life is creepy but nah that's not me. I only stalk online and some other ways. Hahaha there has been multiple situation where I liked people's Instagram pictures from 5 months ago or so. So embarassing. Goodness gracious.

Also, I checked Bry's phone recently because you know me. Nosey. And it was locked. Not even "just locked" because I know that damn pattern but it has this second lock. Stupid me, I actually thought it's just the same as the primary lock (who does this?) but after like 3-4 times, I gave up. I thought I was done right? When we were done eating dinner, it notified him that someone tried to break out with the code. Not only that! It secretly took a very nasty picture of me. Argh! All evidence on point. Stupid app. Hahaha anyways, we're cool. Speaking of stalker, here's a creepy story. Remember the guy I told you about th…

Pig out at Yakiniku King

Yakiniku King. There are lots of Yakiniku Tabehodai (all-you-can-eat) around here and this is just one of the chains. The ultimate goal is to actually taste all the Yakiniku chains around Japan. 

I have been here twice with Bry. The first time was in Takasaki and the second time was in Maebashi. Both in Gunma. There's one here in Machida but I haven't got the chance to go there yet.
Our favorite meat! 
Too much fat. I like it. The difference of Takasaki and Maebashi is that in Takasaki, the meat they gave us is this massive (the picture) and then in Maebashi, it's about half the size. We ordered it about three times and then the third time, they gave us the massive one. Why are we so matakaw? Hahaha

Cow tongue and pork sausage. In general, I like King's meat better than Takarajima's. I don't know. It's probably just me. 
Meat More meat Desert 
That's my conclusion. I like it! It's a little bit more expensive than Takarajima's but I think it'…

Takasaki Park Hanami 2016

And yes. We finally got a full bloom. Although alone, I really felt happy that I was able to see all this beauty. 

I was kind of hesitant for Hanami actually because it particularly rained so hard earlier that day and I was like should I really go there with umbrella or something? But you know, it did stop when I was about to go off the train. Also, my advice is just to go for it because Sakura wouldn't wait for you. 

Takasaki Park is kinda near the station.  Probably a 20 minute walk or less even so it's really easy to locate (if you know how to read a map).

It's a small park though, but you know, you get what you want there so why not? 
Beautiful!  Selfie
Also a fun fact, there are actually about 3-4 bird cages in that park. I don't know what for but yeah. 

So delicate. So pure. Like, who wouldn't love to stare at these, right? 
Takasaki Park
Awesome! For some reason, I like me some Sakura by the river/lake or something. Any parts of water for that matter. It brings this …

Ueno Hanami 2016

Goofy us Goofy us 2.0 Ueno crowd
It was full-packed! Even though it was not yet full bloom time. Like, it was the start of Sakura. Literally. We went there March 27, 2016 and the bloom started on the 25th I guess. 
We ate a lot of foods! Okonomiyaki, yaki ika, cow tongue, long fries, and chocolate banana. 

It was still pretty though even though it was way too early for the hanami. 
Myself and Bry It was beautiful lit up
The long fries was interesting and it was delicious! It was actually made from scratch. Not raw potatoes though, duh. Mashed potatoes and it was pushed through this cool little device and cooked in front of us. 
        lanterns in Ueno
After our Hanami, we went to Ueno Market because he wanted to show me where he used to go where he still lived in Ibaraki and would go to his dad. It was nice. I would probably be afraid walking here alone though. Haha Ciao! 

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