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Bits of my Life

This is how I look as of the moment. Apparently, my hair can be tamed. With lotsa oil of course. Well I guess it's somehow beneficial for my hair so I shouldn't be complaining. I seriously expected my hair to be wild. Sometimes even when I forget to soak it with oil, it's still kind of okay which is very surprising. My hair is coping up!! 

When shopping for food earlier this morning, I bought this. I was actually looking specifically for that Calbee chocolate covered potato chips which I used to eat everyday (then got sick of) but they're kind of hard to find these days so when I saw this, I thought I'd give it a try. The choco powder you have to add on your own. I believe I have tried something similar just to the ring itself and I didn't really enjoy it and I thought adding something to it would make me like it, but no. It's a complicated flavor so I don't really know if I like it. 
Cheeseburger from 7/11. I bought this because someone I w…

Family Mart Macaroon Review

To be honest, I was so interested in trying these when it first came out but due to previous bad experiences, I did not but now I am glad I picked it up. It's been around for probably like months now. 
Rasberry, Matcha, Chocolate, & Lemon 
Before, I'm only really interested in Macaroons because they are associated with France and lord knows I am obsessed with Paris. Now, I just want to prove that it's not as horrible as I think it is. Quality wise, I wouldn't consider myself lucky for a lot of times. I haven't tasted authentic ones yet so I don't really know what's up and back in the Philippines, I tasted two brands and both were too sweet for my liking. They have this very sharp confectioner's sugar taste and I don't like that. Like, come on. And crappy fillings I must add. Moving on to Japan...
Pretty surprised with these though!! The shell and everything tasted very mild. Me likey! For actually the same price range, Family Mart Macar…

Fire is Definitely Catching

On my terrorist post, I compared ISIS/ISIL to the Hunger Games and I meant that as a pun but then thinking about it, it's really the Hunger Games of real life. I have actually just watched Mockingjay in HD. Still not in cinema because we all know that they won't be showing it here until May 15 and I came to realize a lot of similarities. Like, see how they have all these propagandas and stuff, how they kill people in an instant, and all other things? Is Hunger Games their reference? It's really disturbing. But you know, fire is catching. 
I'm literally obsessed with reading all these articles about this terror group. What they're doing, where are they now, and what have they done again. I don't know why. Do I need help? LOL. 
I don't know where to start with my point to be honest. Or did I make a point already? Anyways, they burned 45, beheaded 21, kicked and dragged 3, and then radicalized 3 more. They're doing more stuff behind the scene of course. W…

How I Celebrated thy Birthday

We took Purikura!! Loves it!! Can I just say that all along, Dems thought that my name is Miki and not Mikie. Oh friendship. 

Celebration ice cream! Basically, I had two mini celebrations for this 23rd Birthday of mine. Pretty plain actually but kind of good. Strawberries were sour though. Meh. 
Peace be with you 
Us 4. Baby Tora is growing really fast. He's not yet very participative of course. It's either he's asleep or crying or like sleeping again. Most likely just sleeping. 
The Feast
It's like walking down memory lane. Bamiyan food is still so comforting, I don't know why.
Yunmy Fried noodles!!
I probably ordered this 8 out of 10 times we went to Bamiyan because I'm just so into it. Demi asked me how can I eat this and thdn told me she can't eat this but me, likey likey! 

We went to Baskin after. I had a scoop of Choco Mint and you know me! I so love Choco Mint and recommended it to Dems and she said she likes it. I still can't understand why som…

New hair don care

Basically, I cut my hair shorter. I was kind of asking my stylist to cut it shorter-shorter because the damage of my hair is beyond "don't cut it too short" but he refused and was worried my hair would go wild. I was kind of confident in explaining and at the end of the day, I got rejected. Oh my hair, you never fail to embarrass me. Hahaha but I fully trust hair stylists here in Japan. I think they know what they're doing. And they take time perfecting what they're doing. 

Took photos of my long hair before going to the parlor only to realize it's really effed up. 

Also, I wanted to have my hair colored lighter. In the past, before this picture above of course. My hair really never cared whether you color it with blondish colors, reds, browns, anything!!! Like, it just wouldn't absorb color. I'm glad that we're actually seeing color now. 

After picture. In fairness, I like the style and the color. He did say that he used like the strongest color…

Taking Over Harajuku/Shibuya. 2.9.15

To be honest, this is like already one of the cutest stuff I've seen in Harajuku. I also didn't see much "gyaru". I've seen probably 6 of them. Sad. 

There are quite a lot of stores in this place and if you just want to spend your money buying stuff, you'll enjoy your time here for sure. 
First crepe store I've seen
Going to Takeshita street
It's actually quite near Harajuku Station so you'll never go amiss. 
Takeshita Street
Just this street alone will feed you cute stuff! And your stomach too. 

Takeshita street is actually kind of small but really full of cute finds. Like, shops after shops. Candy shops, dress shops, restaurants, like, not a single space wasted. And I like that they're all Indie-ish and cute. 
Being totally bias, I bought my crepe at Marion Crepes. No idea which one to choose so I chose the one with the longest line. I think the one I got was called Banana Cheesecake or something. It was kind of cold that day so I …

Emotional Birthday Drama

My first selfie as a 23 year old woman 
I don't know what it is about this Birthday that makes me like 10 times more sensitive than the usual. I swear I feel emotional over simple things. Argh! I'm 23 now!! Will probably find it hard adjusting saying I'm 23 when asked how old. 
My mom surprised me with these letters. I got the red one in my post but the letters from my sisters (white) were hidden somewhere in my apartment and because I don't really look into stuff here, my mom succesfully did the trick. It also came with the dedication Toblerone bar. Good job to my mom who did not only surprise me but saved money. LOL.  
Birthday gifts for myself
Not really expecting from anyone so I bought myself gifts. I bought them when I was in Harajuku. 
My Mini Birthday Cake
I also went ahead and bought myself a mini birthday cake. I didn't even make a wish :/ I just ate it right ahead. Oh well. That's life. Anyways that's all I have to say. I'm not real…
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