February is UP! Mamemaki.

February 03, 2015

This kind of post is my favorite kind of post to write before. Like, I don't even know why. Maybe because at the beginning of each month, I usually have a lot of things that I look forward to. Places to go, food to eat, friends to see and all that Jazz. But we all know that only half of my plans can make it thru to the second stage. And there are so many stages. LOL. It actually depends whether I would have two days off, if I'm tired or whatever, or my mood basically. Can I just say that I have already failed today's plan of going to Harajuku-Shibuya? Work ended kind of late and I got home kind of late so after work, I set an alarm at 12 and I was like, sleepy and then I thought mmm...I still have a lot of time to go there anyways. LAZY! I should get a planner. I have a journal but I would like to let you know that I haven't seen that since July of last year. Yup! 

I'm turning 23 this month. I have had lots of conversation with my mom about it recently. Mainly her asking me whether I'm turning 22 or 23 more than twice in a week. And my auntie asking me too. But when I said 23, she said she thought I was just 21. Oh how I wish. We all know that 5 years from now, I wish I'd just be 23. Life is full of discontentment. Like, it's just the way it is. My mom said I'd be 25 soon. Oh okay. No pressure!! 

Anyways, I feel like I'm going back to the track of blogging again. Which kind of feel nice but the same time I'm feeling pressured for whatever reason. Awhile ago, my sister asked me what my new blog is all about and how it differs from my previous blog and I was like, I just need a more organized space and she was like, I'll check it then. I don't think this blog is more organized though. It's still just me. Cluttered lol. If any, I think this month is gonna be great!! 


Awesome workplace gave away some rolls for takeout. Thank you!! So for this year, I would like to ask for good health for my grandmother. Bad health out this year for everyone hopefully. Especially for my nana. Mamemaki is a tradition at the beginning of spring when you can apparently throw bad spirits out of your life and invite some good vibes in. Grandma's condition is at its worse as of the moment and I honestly feel so helpless being away from her. I hope everything's gonna be alright though. I know it will be. Just in different perspectives. I wish for everyone to have the courage to accept things we cannot change. 

Growing up, we didn't really celebrate such thing and although very minimal, it's actually my first time celebrating it. Early Spring, huh? Yes, please! I can't wait for the Hanami. Also. I don't really like it when it gets too cold. Spring is just perfect!! See you!

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