Bare Necessities

February 07, 2015

Yup necessities. I can't wear make-up at work so I didn't get more make-up than what I already have except these new babies. 

I had the BB Pure Mineral before and it lasted for almost 6 months. Like, I didn't realize it would last me that long. Maybe because before, I would try a lot in one time and would alternately use it and this time I only used the BB and will only use this CC so I'm expecting it to last as long. 


CC Cream apparently doesn't have much coverage. Like, I've had two CCs so far and surprisingly the two ressembled each other. 

Then this blush. I don't put on blush all that much but there are times when I feel like putting on some color to my cheeks, then I would. I don't know but I guess I'm just not used to wearing a full face of makeup, get me? Whenever I wear a bold lipstick, (and by bold I don't even mean bold-bold), I don't wear any other thing any more. I just don't think I can handle it for some reason. When I wear like, a baby pink sort of lip, then I'd wear blush. 

This time though I'd be more experimental with my looks and let's see how it goes. More blush for me, please. Still not allowed at work though.

The color is gorgeous!!! They have like 6 colors available at my drugstore and I liked number 2 the best but it didn't have the corresponding stock available and then this one is number 3 but it didn't have the sample and I'm just not for one who will open a box out of the blue. And so I thought maybe this one is the closest to 2 because number 1 is like way too dark for my liking. So anyways, it turned out kind of better than 2 even. 

Pretty pink! 

It's winter and my lips are not liking it and sometimes I can't be bothered putting lip balm and then lipstick separately so this one is amazing because it fits my laziness very well. 

It's called Red Dahlia and I am really happy with its tint. That's all!  

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