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Santa Monica Crepes | Harajuku

If you've ever been to this part of Tokyo, you'd know that it's all about crepes. Or maybe just like one of our customers from New York said, "TOO KIDDY". Anyways. I decided to try Santa Monica crepes because they have 2 shops in one street and that made me think this place is good. Let's see! 
Chocolate Banana (Double Whipped)
Classic. I mean, if there's a crepe shop that can mess this up, I don't even know if they have the right to operate. Back when I was still a kid and less complicated, this is my go-to flavor because you know, can't be bothered with all the fancy flavors and stuff. This is not top of the roof good but it was a familiar taste. 
Santa Monica Look at that!  Strawberry something 
This was delicious! The balance was so good! This combo might be my favorite in the sweet department. 
Hype. I didn't like this as much as I liked the strawberry one. But it was also good. 
Crepes  Pizza Crepe
Yaaasaassss! My fave! I was actually hesit…

Ichiran Ramen Japan

Ichiran Selfie Ichiran Vending Machine Check List 
Also, the one in Harajuku, I didn't wait as long as I waited in Shibuya. Which is always nice! 
You can see the first time I tried Ichiran in this post. Totally different vibe but still not as good as I expected. 

I retried Ichiran because I don't want to not like it. As much as I don't like mainstream anything, I can't just let this go. But then again it didn't turn out exactly like I want to so I retried again. Persistence is key. 

This is already the best combination I could imagine. Steamed Pork with Nori, Special Vinegar, and Ramen. I also changed my list a little by ordering them to put a stronger tasting broth but it didn't make a significant difference. 
Steamed Pork My Ramen
I remember hearing two Japanese guys sitting beside me talking how they missed and really like it but no! Not me. But you know! Still! I might give this another try someday but now, it's just not my cup of tea. Ciao!

How I Spent Christmas

Year End Party of our company was as usual uneventful. I won a prize this year though! I remember a friend who already left told me that she won a digital camera back then and what I actually got was 3 bottles of dish washing liquid and a box of tissue. Life is tough. Hahaha but whatever. 
Oh actually, 2 hours before the Year End Party, we had a mini get together/Christmas feast between us line members. 
My plate Year End Food 
Even though already bloated from the line party, I still ate almost all the fries and it's not in the picture but they have this tub of EDAMAME which I shared with ate Michelle. And cakes!!! 
Cake 1 (1st Day) Cake 2 (2nd Day) Cake 3 (3rd Day) 
Can't get enough! We had cake for 3 consecutive days. 

On the 25th, I went to my Tita May's house and we both went to her friend's house and man, I ate a lot! It's like we're in a new reality show called Me VS Food. 
After I feasted, I slept on the couch and I barely remember anything that happened. It w…

Meguro River Illumination 2016


Conveniently just 15 minutes away from work, I decided to go after my shift and was left in surprise with what I saw. Well nothing there yet when I arrived because it's quite early but you get the point. When the clock chimed at 5pm, everything suddenly turned pink. It was magical. 
Meguro Gawa Minna no Illumination  Pink Lights 
Supposed to look like Sakura trees and it did not fail. Loved its water reflection even. 

I'm sure professional photographers would just laugh at the shot above but I was quite impressed with this little failure to focus shot as I would like to call it. 

I felt like a princess walking around her own garden for a sec. 

I actually wonder if they're Sakura trees.  I bet it's just as beautiful during Spring. I should be back! 

Fairy tale-ish trail. I was impressed with this place because you know, very quiet because for some reason, one little thing I hate about Tokyo is that it's kind of touristy and I find it really hard to breathe sometimes …
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